28 December 2012

Oval pendant

So, after the earrings then there just HAD to be a pendant!!!  Here it is.  

I'm having problems with getting myself in the 'mood' to put the pattern together at the moment.  I will get there shortly.  I think the constant rain has caused internal rust!!!

I will have a firm word with myself and make sure I listen to myself too.  Hmmmm, I hope I don't bore me as much as I must be boring you!

I hope to get the TIAS up online over the next few days too and will announce the start date too.  No, I haven't forgotten!!!


Maureen said...

This is gorgeous - and something that I would wear! I don't wear earrings.We've just been watching the news, seeing pictures of the floods in England - it looks miserable.And I have a daughter possibly stranded by snow in New York - I'm hoping that she will be able to catch her connecting flights home - I miss her!

Val said...

another pretty!
looking fwd to TIAS 2013. meanwhile, have a great closing to 2012.

ancolie said...

very pretty
et tellement élégant !
I'll come back to see the TIAS
wish you a nice day

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pendant,
I am looking forward to the TiAS

Elizabeth said...

Earring is very pretty. Love the way the colors turned out. Looking forward to the TIAS.

Susie said...

The pendant is lovely. I like the lock chains on the outside.

Ladytats said...

that is very pretty Jane, I like it. Thanks.

Madwomanlace said...

beautiful as always Jane ... cant wait for TIAS ... have a new Lady Shuttlemaker ceramic shuttle to try out!! :) x

N. Maria said...

Very classy looking......

briddie said...

I find your blog very entertaining, so stop calling yourself boring! I've enjoyed every post. Brain cell 3 is a lot of fun.

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, briddie - it got your attention when I was talking about being boring, though!!!!! Heee, heeee, heeeeeeee!!

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