8 September 2012

I'm a fraud.

I don't think or consider myself a teacher.  I actually don't like the word 'teacher'.  I looked up the word in an online dictionary and it says:-

"[with object] give information about or instruction in (a subject or skill):"

You see I think I'm more of an 'enabler'.  I decided this when I used to have classes of four/five year olds to settle in every September.  It struck me very early on in my teaching career (which actually never really became a 'career'!) that I was never going to be able to 'give information and instruct' kids or anybody else for that matter.  

Each child arrived in my reception class with their own set of skills and it was really up to me to find out what they were and then build on them and enable them to grow and learn from what they already had.

I try to take this attitude to adult classes too so that's why you won't hear me 'sounding off' about 'you must do it this way' or 'this is the way to do it'.  I'm more likely to say 'this is the way I do it but I'm happy to learn off you if you have a another/better way'.  

So, basically I'm a fraud!!!  I don't consider myself a 'teacher' at all BUT I'm going to be labeled as one for Tat Days and I'm going to have FUN, FUN, FUN and hopefully enable a few people to do something they've not done before.  Let the fun continue.

7 September 2012


Today I'm going to show you lots of the same butterfly.  This is the new pattern that I put on my site here a few weeks ago.  Why lots of the same?  Well a month or so ago I got to think about the sizes of the threads I'd got around me and decided to try some combinations too of HWT (hand wound thread).

Top left is the largest and most 'un favourite' of all - a size 10.  They sort of get smaller as you go down the sheet.  Some (if you can see the tickets tied to them) are combinations of thread including 3 sewing threads, 2 sewing and 1.  There's also one made with 2 strands of invisible thread but, as you'd expect, that's hard to see!

There are two pictures here too.  One (top) taken with my small and wonderful Canon camera and the other (below) taken with my ipod touch.  I'm seriously thinking of treating myself to an iphone when I grow up so wanted to compare the quality of the photographs taken on the two items I already own.  The itouch is good but not as good as the camera but probably an iphone would be better - any comments on this would be very welcome!!!  I should've compared the ipad too but - being an OG of little brain - I forgot!!

Oh, these are with me at Tat Days too.  Just because!!!

6 September 2012

Final mat!

Well as you all know I'm not at home at the moment.  I'm in Atlanta with a dear friend who has been daft enough to put up with me (and Sally!) for a few days.  Later today we travel to Tat Days at Toccoa.

This is the final mat which is with me and I've been invited to teach this small motif at the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting next week.  This simple motif does involve a couple of techniques which I want to show people so I'm delighted to have this opportunity.  So, the Garden Wall Motif finally will come into it's own and I bet you're all glad to see the back of it too!!!

5 September 2012

Another round finished

Here it is again.  Is it finished or is it finished?  Not sure yet!!!

Keeeeeep reading!!!!

4 September 2012

A name

Yet more and the mat is looking pretty good.  The motif has now got a name.  Yes, this is the OG speaking and you did read right.  A NAME.  I'm hopeless at naming things but this has a name - it's the 'Walled Garden Motif'.  Why?  Well on one of the very few summery days we've had this year I sat in the garden working on it and realised that the motif has a 'wall' round it like most of our garden!!!!

It's on it's way to Tat Days at this very moment!!!!!  Least that is if I've remembered to pack it!!!  

You're now reading scheduled posts as Sally and I are now with with Crazy Mom Tats in Atlanta before heading down (or up) to Tat Days.

3 September 2012

Hot off the press

Just seen this announcement on the Palmetto Tatter's site.

If you cannot make it to this year's Tat Days, join us LIVE for our Tat Off! competitions, Friday evening around 6:00 (EST)! Link to
CHAT with us on the channel or on Facebook at Palmetto Tatters Guild page.
NOTE: There will be ads, sorry. There is an iPhone app. Android App may be available soon.

I'll be on my way to Tat Days by the time you read this!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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