28 October 2016

Now with beads

I thought it would look better with beads but in this case a bad choice of colour as they don't show up very well!!! Still an interesting try. 

Better luck next time, old git!!!!

27 October 2016

Copyright theft again

Very apt after yesterday, I feel!!  Yes this pattern is copyright theft and/or plagiarism but I'm claiming as my own.

Why? Well cause I've stolen it off my own site. Well, sort of.  I was sitting trying to think up something truly wonderful for a giveaway for this year's Christmas and was totally in the doldrums over it.  Nothing particularly inspiring came to mind so I decided to use something I'd done before and play with it. 

Actually at this stage (and this is only an early one so far) it isn't a lot like the original pattern (just been back to check). Obviously it needs beads and obviously I need to draw it and write it down AND it needs better thread colours but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt (well, apart from the other trials that went in the bin!).

26 October 2016

Copyright notice

Found this on Facebook the other day. I can't remember who posted it or which tatting group it was on but I think it's GREAT.

I might add (very selfishly) that I'd hope it applies to those who give work away too.

25 October 2016

Crochet gloves - the start

I have a 'thing' about gloves and socks. I love knitting them. I never wear the socks I've knitted so I've banned myself from knitting them. I also struggle with knitting gloves too as I use four needles and suffer with that gap you get at the base of the fingers. In tatting we call that gapsosis and I feel that's a good name for my knitting problem too.

So, I decided this year that I'd have a go at doing some crochet gloves. Thereby started a long adventure on the internet looking for crocheted gloves. Yes, there are patterns aplenty but not many that are offered in 4 ply (sock wool to you Americans!). Most crocheted gloves seem to be in thicker wool. In the end I found this pattern which is WONDERFUL. Just what I wanted (not sure of the flappy bits on the finger and thumb) and the instructions look clear.

Oh, did I say they looked clear? Well, yes they are BUT they're written in 'American'. As you know that means different terminology to the English patterns. So, it's time to learn a few new skills and new terms too. That should keep me quiet in between frustrations of doing the TIAS!!!! 

Here's the start on glove number one. The bottom picture is the true colour of the wool - the sun came out before I took the top photo!!!

24 October 2016

Talks and tatting

On Friday evening I gave a talk on 'The Life and Adventures of the Anguis Fragili" to the local group of Spinners and Weavers

No, I'm teasing - it was on tatting, of course.  It seemed to go well in that I didn't have to poke anybody in the audience to keep them awake and a lot of them were smiling too. 

The consequences of the talk made for an extremely untidy lot of tatting. I must admit that when I've finished a piece of tatting I fling it in a box which lives in the cupboard. Consequently when it came to preparing for the talk I had to take EVERYTHING out of the boxes to decide what to take. Then when I got home I decided I really HAD to take myself in hand and put everything away in a tidy manner. That took ALL of Saturday and Sunday mornings. Must say I do feel better for having done it. I now need to make sure that when I've completed a piece in future I make myself put it away properly. This tidying up has only been waiting for half a century (or more) to be done!!!

Before I left for my American adventure I started another Fandango square. 

By the time I got back (or was it shortly after?!?) it was in this 'state'. I'm hoping to carry on with it but have lately got diverted by something else!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.