16 May 2019

Juliana round 6

Well this wasn't as bad as it looks!!! Still took BC3 a lot of concentration to sort it out. Good training for round nine which looks HORRENDOUS!!!

I'm still trying to track down the designer of this gorgeous doily but having little luck so far. I even had to resort to Facebook and the tatting groups I'm in to ask for help - I’ll update you on that as soon as I can settle down to sort out all the information I’ve got and am sure there maybe more coming in.  

As a lot of you may know - I don’t ‘do’ Facebook and only pop in there when there’s something I really can either help with or am interested in. I went through a patch a few years ago of being there a lot before I realised how much time I was wasting - time is valuable when you get older and want to tat another idea!!!

14 May 2019

Tissue holders

More 'makings' to go to Palmetto Tat Days in September. 

I absolutely love these little tissue holders. I made one for myself some time ago and then sold oodles at the craft thingy we did in the library last October. 

If you're like me you always carry tissues around in your handbag. They come in plastic and you'd think that that would be fine but I've found that the plastic sort of goes yucky after a while rumbling around in my bag so I tried putting the tissues in one of these holders. They protect them very well. 

Normally at home I sell them with a packet of tissues in them but I'm afraid that I won't be able to do that when I bring them 'over the pond'. The reason? Well I spent time last weekend sorting out what I'm bringing to sell and putting it in the suitcase. Now the problem is - will I be able to bring any clothes? It's getting rather full so I may have to post some of the items ahead of my trip but that'll cost a lot. Somehow I'll manage, I'm sure and if I sell loads of 'stuff' then I'll be able to buy lots of 'stuff' to bring home!!!! In theory I'm really trying to make enough to cover part of my flights and insurance but temptation may come my way!!!!

Oh, the price of these is $3.35 if you want one or any put by.  Ideal Christmas stocking fillers!

13 May 2019

Summer top

It must be two months or so since I went to Birmingham and bought this fabric and it's been waiting for me to find the time to deal with it since! I've been back  to the big city since but more about that another day!!!

The pattern was a bargain - I found it in a charity shop in Alcester before Christmas. Brand new. It's quite a challenging one in a way as it has a back, front, side backs and side fronts. To add to that the sleeves have three parts too. Proved an interesting challenge.

One thing I bought a few months back from Amazon were some frixion pens like these. These were SOOOO useful as I could actually write on each piece what it was and then as soon as I'd finished I just 'showed' it the iron and the markings disappeared. Very useful accessory!!!!  There are some warnings about using these but they worked like a charm for me.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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