12 September 2009

A quick report from Palmetto Tat Days

I know this blog is all about tatting but on this rare occassion I'm going to break that rule and mention something that isn't tatting related!! Well, not really.

Here in South Carolina at Palmetto Tat Days (and after a busy day yesterday) I was wandering to bed and noticed a game going on in a corridor. I wanted to watch but soon got 'pulled into' the game. The game is called Corn Hole.
OK, this is a game where you stand and throw a wee bag of corn into a hole. We used to have similar bags for kids to play with called 'bean bags' in the UK.
Now this is not easy (throwing a bag from a distance into a hole which I'm convinced keeps moving) but it looked like fun!!! Karey Solomon was 'having a go' so I thought why not this OG!!!
Guess what? I won. I was dropped dead chuffed and afterwards went tottering off to bed.
Imagine my amazement the next morning when I was told that Jerry Freck (who was also playing) was a total and utter expert at this game. I've been tatting on cloud nine all day in the happy knowledge that I 'beat' Jerry Freck.
This afternoon we held three more 're-plays' and I can assure you he is drop dead good at this game and that it was pure winner's luck last night!!!!!

11 September 2009

TIAS live and LOVING IT!

Well, here in South Carolina we're tatting the live TIAS!!!
To follow progress - follow this link!!!
Must tell you - I've been given a new brain cell number 3 by Martha Ess.  Can't wait to take it on a test drive!!!

9 September 2009

Flying today

I'm flying down to Columbia today. To those accustomed to travel this might seem nothing - but to me it's quite an adventure!!!

I started getting my 'stuff' together about five days ago. I have a fear of driving outside my known area at home but I'm sorta OK with flying as the driver (aka pilot) surely knows where he or she is going.

My problem is airports. Busy places and very confusing. On our trip to the States this time we had the usual 'hassles' at our regular changeover stop. I will not 'name and shame' the hub!!!

Our hassles that time started with our baggage being delayed in coming onto the conveyor collection and we then had to check them in again after customs and security. Then we were asked if we wanted to be 'bumped' onto the next flight as we'd only got 15 minutes to get to another terminal. We said we'd run.

What funnier than two OG's 'running' (that should read wobbling) to the next terminal via a train which took us part the way. When we got there - more checks. We arrived at the gate just as the plane should've taken off. Ah, no, 'we've changed the gate, go over there'. Why, oh why do they insist on changing 'gates' all the time?

Another dash to find that the flight had actually been delayed by 15 minutes for 'maintenance'. Great sighs of relief. Finally 45 minutes later we took off. That should've been the end of it but no, we were then stacked for a further 20 minutes while a storm cleared over our destination. 15 hours later we were here.

Just hope today doesn't provide any further challenges although the return journey has been changed with a 35 minute stopover in Atlanta.

When I get back here again (next Tuesday) I have two days to unpack and re-pack and then we fly back home. Hopefully that trip will be uneventful although I HATE going home!!!

8 September 2009

What a pain in the proverbial!

That'll teach me to try to be organised!!!
On Sunday we went on a trip where I knew (been before) that I'd be in that wonderful situation where I would be able to 'people watch'!!!  What better when following this other hobby of mine than to take some 'autopilot' tatting with me!!!  Great idea. 
So, there I was at camp sitting on the deck doing just that - watching the world go by and tatting.  As I said in my previous post I'd started packing bags and tatting stuff ready for Palmetto and only had with me my roly poly bag with the 'essential' on the go tatting in it.  BUT what I'd left behind were the balls of thread!!  So when I ran out on one shuttle I had to stop!!!  Actually it wasn't too bad as the carnival started shortly after so we wandered over to take part and watch that!!!

6 September 2009

Bags and bags and bags!

The old bag lady (tat's me!  Also known as OG - old git) is packing for her trip to Palmetto!!
I've brought all my bags from the UK and hope to sell a few in the vending room.  They're all packed, priced and labeled.  There are roly poly ones, poke proof pouches and the latest small pocketed traveling bag. 
The latter has been well tested by the OG on her trip around the USA (well, we did spend time on the Canadian border!!!) and has the OG's full stamp of approval!!! 
The roly poly and poke proof have been well trialed in the past having spent most of their lives in my handbag when back home and only emerging in doctor/hospital waiting rooms!!!

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Happy Beaks
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