9 September 2009

Flying today

I'm flying down to Columbia today. To those accustomed to travel this might seem nothing - but to me it's quite an adventure!!!

I started getting my 'stuff' together about five days ago. I have a fear of driving outside my known area at home but I'm sorta OK with flying as the driver (aka pilot) surely knows where he or she is going.

My problem is airports. Busy places and very confusing. On our trip to the States this time we had the usual 'hassles' at our regular changeover stop. I will not 'name and shame' the hub!!!

Our hassles that time started with our baggage being delayed in coming onto the conveyor collection and we then had to check them in again after customs and security. Then we were asked if we wanted to be 'bumped' onto the next flight as we'd only got 15 minutes to get to another terminal. We said we'd run.

What funnier than two OG's 'running' (that should read wobbling) to the next terminal via a train which took us part the way. When we got there - more checks. We arrived at the gate just as the plane should've taken off. Ah, no, 'we've changed the gate, go over there'. Why, oh why do they insist on changing 'gates' all the time?

Another dash to find that the flight had actually been delayed by 15 minutes for 'maintenance'. Great sighs of relief. Finally 45 minutes later we took off. That should've been the end of it but no, we were then stacked for a further 20 minutes while a storm cleared over our destination. 15 hours later we were here.

Just hope today doesn't provide any further challenges although the return journey has been changed with a 35 minute stopover in Atlanta.

When I get back here again (next Tuesday) I have two days to unpack and re-pack and then we fly back home. Hopefully that trip will be uneventful although I HATE going home!!!


Carol said...

Best of luck on your flights! If that is Atlanta, Georgia you better bring extra thread as it is famous for delays. On time out of that airport is rare.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Wishing you a good flight!! Have a fantastic time at Palemetto's. Hugs!!

Bonnie said...

Be safe Jane, and have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear about all the friends you spent time with and all of the fun you had! I'm sure some of our fellow tatting bloggers will share their experience with you as their teacher.

Sally Kerson said...

Have a fab time big sis. So look forward to seeing you when you return home - where is that?!!!! Then we can have a good "tat chat" after visiting the tip of course!!!

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