9 August 2014

Another member has joined the club!

I'm so surprised and very, very pleased that my 'tongue in cheek' silliness has paid off and that new people are joining the Exclusive Tatting Club which can be found here.

The newest associate member is Melanie who sent in her bumble bee from the Houtz brother's book which you can find here.  Thanks, Melanie - he (or is it she?) is great.  I must have a go at this critter sometime - once I can find the right wire.

Somebody I was talking to a few days ago commented on the price of the book which they thought was a lot. 

I did explain that the techniques in the book are very unusual (unique, actually) and that it had taken the guys ten years to get the idea to print. The price doesn't actually reflect the amount of work that's gone into it or the cost of the yards and yards of thread they must've used refining the patterns too.

7 August 2014

A new mouse!!!

Well the new exclusive club is beginning to grow well!!! This is a mouse from Jaycee who said:-

"Hello Jane,
Here's my submission - bauble mouse for the application of Exclusive Tatting Club membership. This is my second attempt making it, the first one didn't turn out like a mouse should be - No, I don't know what it looked like.. Lol

Thanks SOOO much, Jaycee - I'll add your mouse to the  Exclusive Club page and you have now become a real mouse member!!!!! There's a challenge for you Martha and the rest of you in Tat Land!!!!

6 August 2014

First new member!!!

Look what arrived yesterday - a bauble bee!!! This was done by Martha Ess from the book by Randy and Gary. Isn't it cute?  Now I'm going to have to do one of those too.  This is what Martha said.

"Here is my bee to qualify for an associate membership in your exclusive club. The poor thing has been languishing lacking one pair of legs for ever so long, but this gave me the incentive to finish. I want to do the mouse, but who knows when I will get to it."

Thanks, Martha. I'm just going to add your bee to the page right now.

5 August 2014

Another way to join

I've been using this alternative method of joining to clasps and findings for some time now but I hadn't thought to do a technique page until Sally asked me how I did it a few weeks ago. She then reminded me a couple of evening's ago that she might get stuck on it when I'm in America!!!

So, this page is really not for the rest of you but for Sally!!!!! Well, I suppose somebody else may be interested in it somewhere!!! Here's the link.

It's all about how to join to a clasp or finding but also having the option to add beads (or not, as you wish!!!) too.

Below is a pair of earrings that I did ages ago using this idea. You'll see the beads at the top of the earrings. In fact I think this pair is still in my Etsy shop which I'll be putting on vacation in a couple of week's time.

I'll be taking a lot of the items to Tat Days with me so if you want something  please let me know and I'll put it by for you in the vending room. Prices will be lower at Tat Days as there'll be no postage, Etsy charges or Paypal. So, let me know!!!

4 August 2014

Back to baubling!!!

I'm still hooked on these baubles. This one is done in Lizbeth GirlyGirl which is a thread I love. 

I followed the pattern in the book adding beads to the rib threads but started with a split ring metal finding at the top.  I'm hoping/thinking that if I did a few of these they'd make a lovely dangly brooch for my rather dull black winter coat.  The coat needs replacing but I'd be very sorry to part with a good coat which, although looking a tad slightly the 'worse for wear' has nothing wrong with it.

So, I need to work more of these.  

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Happy Beaks
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