4 October 2019

Dora Young's doily progress

This is where I was 'at' when I got home from my travels. 

I'm now wondering if I'll continue with this project when I've completed this  current round - I'm enjoying it a lot.

The beauty of this is that it's so easy when you get into the swing of it. I also need to finish off a snowflake that's been lurking on my computer since August (along with a few other 'possibles') which need to be sorted.

I've also got a lovely little car that needs to be finished and uploaded too plus the Coriolis and the butterflies I taught at Tat Days.

Whoever invented 24 hours in a day should be held responsible for that silly decision and the other which makes our bodies need sleep so we can't continue doing things we want to do.

3 October 2019

Beaded button flower


This is the beaded button flower that I taught at Palmetto a few weeks ago. 

Not a difficult pattern if you eliminate the beads on top of the button but challenging enough to make sure you don't fall asleep!!!

The aims in this lesson were to teach how to add those beads to the top of the button and also join with my new join which can be found here. This join makes a better 'lock' to the side of the button but please don't ask me why!!

Interestingly I found the lesson started with showing a few of my victims (sorry, I mean students) how to do a weaver's knot and hide ends in the first few stitches.

When I design for a lesson I try to get the most difficult part into the beginning of the lesson so that it can be learned before time runs out.  Actually the hardest part of this is in the first ring!!!

2 October 2019

Another t-shirt!!

This is the logo on this year's Palmetto t-shirt which I was given as a teacher (or that's what I'm supposed to be). 

Now when you wear a t-shirt you can't actually see the logo as you're standing behind it!!  Isn’t that an intelligent comment, eh?

I didn't notice, until somebody pointed it out to me, that the logo had my name on it!!! Those gals are so silly in the nicest possible way, of course. 

I showed the T-shirt to Nick and asked him to spot something 'odd' about it but he couldn't see my name either. Then I looked at the logo on the Palmetto web site but it was too small to see - well with my aged eyes!!!

What a hoot.

1 October 2019

Two llamas!!!

Just going to show you the llama I taught at Tat Days! The top one (which is my sample) is done in size 20 thread.

BUT the small one below which Tim gave me is made in impossible thread!!! I bet it's at least a size 100 or less. What a difference in sizes!!! Tim, you make my eyes boggle.

30 September 2019

Another gift!!!

Now who would be seen DEAD in this t-shirt? Answer? ME.

I blame myself entirely for bringing this on. I have been heard on several occasions to call people a 'daft moo'!!! Well Leigh took revenge and sent this t-shirt via Anitra to me at Tat Days. Of course I HAD to try it on and show it off!!!

I really love this shirt and will be wearing it on many occasions - particularly to Zumba sessions just to prove I'm slightly and a tad bonkers!!! 

Anybody out there jealous?  Thank you, Leigh.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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