3 October 2019

Beaded button flower


This is the beaded button flower that I taught at Palmetto a few weeks ago. 

Not a difficult pattern if you eliminate the beads on top of the button but challenging enough to make sure you don't fall asleep!!!

The aims in this lesson were to teach how to add those beads to the top of the button and also join with my new join which can be found here. This join makes a better 'lock' to the side of the button but please don't ask me why!!

Interestingly I found the lesson started with showing a few of my victims (sorry, I mean students) how to do a weaver's knot and hide ends in the first few stitches.

When I design for a lesson I try to get the most difficult part into the beginning of the lesson so that it can be learned before time runs out.  Actually the hardest part of this is in the first ring!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

I have to do that one too! Right after butterflies.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I do love this button flower! Thank you for sharing!

Jeanne said...

That was a great class and my first time using a button in my tatting. I’m going to take a look at all those extra buttons that come with clothing purchases. The garments are long gone and the extra buttons have accumulated. This will be a fun project for winter.

Jane McLellan said...

It’s a sweet flower, thanks for giving us the pattern, even if we can’t have you as teacher!

God's Kid said...

Cute button flowers!! :)

Pam Freck said...

Jane, I LOVE this new method. Since you showed me, I have also been using it for adding my findings [earrings, split rings, "S " hooks, etc] and I really think it is more stable. Thank you for sharing......again!!

picotsnkeys said...

Cute button flower. I agree the first ring is often the hardest. I've even cheated and tatted the first ring and chain for a student so that they have a sample to hang onto as they make that first flip. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't!

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