6 September 2008

Not a lot to say!!!

This is silly.  I've not got a lot to tell today!!!  I've done a lot but nothing new or earth shattering to show.  
Yesterday I made some more roly poly bags and pouches.  Not the ones below but others which need finishing and photographing.  What else does an old git do when it rains constantly?
In the tatting part of my life I finished the basic 3D flower but it needs 'mounting/hanging' and  there lies a problem.  I've tried a couple of ideas but I'm not happy yet.  It also needs more beads.  I'm also still working on a birthday card.  No, tat's a lie.  I did nothing towards it yesterday cause I forgot!  I did some more to the baby booties in the evening and that's all!!!!

These are the bags I finished the week before my grandkids arrived.  They're not on Etsy yet and I'll probably not list them for a while until I've built up stocks.  Unless, of course, somebody wants them before then!!!!!

5 September 2008

New bags!!!

Here are some previews of the new bags!!! I'm not 100% sure of these yet but one thing I can say is that they're easy to use.  I've  made the top wider than the bottom so you don't need a telescope to see to the base and what is in there!!!  The one on the left and ini the middle is the larger one and the other on the right is a smaller version.  I've lined them so they could be reversible!!!


4 September 2008

New book on the shelf

Yesterday I got a new book.  This is so new that the ink's still wet!!!  Well, not really but you get the gist!!!  It's about tatting with the double bobbin shuttle and is by Sheron Goldin.  It's a really comprehensive technique book with a few patterns in to show how these shuttles can be used on loads more patterns.

I know it's going to be available at the Palmetto tat days this weekend and then afterwards from Sheron herself.  I can give you contact details if you write to me.

3 September 2008

More roly poly bags and ........

Yesterday I made two more roly poly bags and also tried out another idea for bags.  I made these other bags (1 large and 1 small) out of some fabric that I don't like!!!  When I'd finished them I couldn't make up my mind whether I liked the idea or not!!!  Now, is it the colour of the fabric or the actual design?  I used a regular design but have modified it slightly to give a wider top when opened out.  This should (well, it does, actually) give easier access to the contents.  I'll try and take a photo today and show them tomorrow.  

Tatting.  Well I'm back working on the 3D flower again.  I've repeated the one I did in that grotty green colour with the yellow beads.  This time I've played with bead numbers, added more to joining picots and actually used WHITE thread!!!!  I went to the cupboard to get the stuff to tat late yesterday afternoon and couldn't decide what coloured thread to use and as I think this design will be more about the beads I picked out white.  Anyway I also played with the next round but there are SO many options for this I think I'll do another trial before the 'real thing'.


2 September 2008

Spanish dancers

The working of the drawings and text are going well.  The text is finished.  I now have several 'heads and torsos' hanging around in tat corner but managed to finish both dancers yesterday evening to my satisfaction!!!  Next I have to check the drawings and finish off the web page.  This is where I lose interest again and am raring to go on the next idea!!!

In the afternoon I managed to finish off two more sets of roly poly bags.  I have another two sets to finish today and have thought out (and made in newspaper) the beginnings of an idea for another useful little bag.  This just needs me to work out a few more glitches before I make a 'proper' one.  I think I'll make this design in two sizes.  

Ah, here are the 'happy couple'!!!!

1 September 2008

Yesterday I did ............

Well first of all I worked on the Spanish lady drawings.  It's amazing how much you can achieve when you get to this stage and how the text helps the drawings and vice versa!!!!  I've uploaded the web page that I also started so now I can tat what I've done from that.  Always a good sign if you can understand yourself, I find!!!  Mind, I don't make a lot of sense sometimes!!!

One thing that will be new in this pattern is how I've made the head for the lady.  This is a ring on a split ring but the ring is a different colour.  I've put the drawings below as a 'taster' but they may not make 'sense' without the text to go with them!!!! You'll have to wait for tat!!!!!

In the evening I sat and did a re-tat.  DUH, don't like the skirt anymore so will have to re-re-re-tat tonight!!!!  I doubt anybody will notice the difference but I'm not happy with the centre of it.

I also managed to cut out and start to sew some more bags in the afternoon.  SO good to get the sewing machine out again.  Loved having the boys but also good to get back to normal.


31 August 2008

Normal service will be resumed!!!

After a hectic week I'm now back in 'tat mode'!!!!  Tat corner had to be cleared but it's now getting back to it's usual cluttered state!!  That's after just one evening!!!

I'm currently working through the text for the Spanish dancers and will start to do some drawings later today (with a bit of luck!).  I might get delayed by roly poly tat bags as I need to replenish stocks in the Etsy shop!  We'll see.

Today I've added the page I'd got ready before the invasion.  It's just how to make a ring on a split ring.  A friend asked for help with this so I was prompted to draw a page up.

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Happy Beaks
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