4 September 2008

New book on the shelf

Yesterday I got a new book.  This is so new that the ink's still wet!!!  Well, not really but you get the gist!!!  It's about tatting with the double bobbin shuttle and is by Sheron Goldin.  It's a really comprehensive technique book with a few patterns in to show how these shuttles can be used on loads more patterns.

I know it's going to be available at the Palmetto tat days this weekend and then afterwards from Sheron herself.  I can give you contact details if you write to me.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! This sounds like a must-have book! I have several double shuttles, but don't really know how to make use of them. Please send details!

SY said...

ooooouu, I want one Jane! I've been thinking about asking for a double shuttle for Christmas, this would be great!! You may still have my email addy. I love my little blue pouch and shuttle holder. Thank you, sy

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Sy. I seem to have mislaid your email addy. Can you write to me on lovetotat @ gmail.com? I'll answer your questions there!!!

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Happy Beaks
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