7 September 2022

More little flowers

Another set of flowers from the Tatting Lace, Marmelo book.  I managed to get these done and am now working on another set.  More to come soon!!!

6 September 2022

The knitted top

I have made some progress on the knitted top.  Last 'report' was here.
I've only been picking it up when I go to the knitting group on a Friday or when I'm at my 'crafty' group on a Tuesday.  Progress, because of that, is slow!!!  I'm really enjoying it and I think that shortly I'll be having a 'blitz' on it just to 'get it done'.  I know how my BC3 works!!!!

I needed something to stop the stitches falling off my needles and was looking to order something to use but couldn’t find anything really that appealed.  

In the end I was sorting through my sewing ‘stuff’ (the ‘recycling’ part of odds and ends) and came across one of those thingumygigs that you use on clothing to adjust the cords.  They’re ‘called cord string cord lock toggles’.  Took me ages to find out that bit of information!! Here’s what I mean.  

As you can see in the second picture - I found one (actually, two) in my recycling sewing box of bits.  This works a treat!!!

5 September 2022

Monday moan - to do or not to do

That is the question.

Well I thought I was a tough old cookie - particularly having got through all life's trauma's, plus a few more, in the space of five years.  That was about thirty years ago.  But the stuff I have put up with from two tatters over the past few months has really knocked the BC3 out of me.
I'm beginning to bounce back slightly but I have stuff i really need to get on with but no energy to do.

First thing I need to do is decide whether to apply for a teaching position at Palmetto Tat Days next year.  The indecision is mainly about the probability of Covid rearing it's ugly head again.  Also finding the energy to organise myself.

Next problem is to do or not to do a TIAS in 2023.  I've got a possibility on the shuttles but have fallen out with it again.  To proceed or not to proceed - that is the  next question.   I have four 'incarnations' of it sitting glaring at me as I sit in Tat Corner and I've no desire to pick them up at the moment and work out whether to carry on or not.  

Finally - does anybody read blogs nowadays?  Should I give up blogging?  I think most people have emigrated to Facebook but I'm not comfortable there so rarely visit it for a 'look around'.  I pop in, put links to the blog or post walk pictures and then get out PDQ.  I apologise to those who expect me to see what they're doing but really I'm not a Facebook person.  I have enough of a problem keeping my own life on the level and certainly don't want to share the finer details of what it's like with 'all and sundry'.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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