11 April 2015

Well, well, well

For those who have wondered (thanks for your concern, Muskaan) why I've been quiet for a while - here's the reason in the picture below.

No, NOT because I've just been making butterflies but the reason for that is because I've been 'trapped' in children's playgrounds with two grandchildren!!! I take the butterflies to work on as they are easy to do and they eventually get stuck onto my business cards (only business I run is monkey business!!!). The kids went home on Thursday, sadly for me.

Each butterfly takes around 6 minutes to make so you can see I spent a bit of time in the playgrounds!!!!  

Yesterday I noticed that the same book I'm going to put on Ebay is up for sale here. The reason I'm putting this link here is because the seller has some more pictures of the colour plates on their listing. I really didn't want to open my copy too much as it may stress the spine.

10 April 2015

Elgiva book

Well it's been a quiet time here on the blog for a while!!! Not that I'm not busy but simply because I've had an invasion of 'small people' for the week!!! They've now gone home, sadly.

Sally has been keeping me busy too as I've been working on a couple of suggestions from her!!!  Gotta keep little sisters happy, eh?  All will be revealed in due course!!!

I'm showing you this today as I'll be listing it on Ebay sometime soon. Probably next week. It's that wonderful book by Elgiva Nicholls and is a 'rare breed'. A bit like me, I guess!!!!  This copy is in an immaculate condition and I couldn't resist buying it when I spotted it for sale.  

8 April 2015

Royal Mail strikes again!!!

No, the postman isn't on strike - that's the good news.

The EVEN BETTER news is that Royal Fail has changed it's pricing structure on certain items which meant a very nice surprise when I mailed the last two bags to the purchasers the other day.  This all happened on the first of April.  Now instead of the items being called a 'small packet' they're now called International Large Standard Letter.  Sheeeeesh.

Now I know this is right for the purchase of the square bags now in my Etsy shop but I'll check the shuttle costs when I get more of those.  I've now lowered the cost of postage on everything in the shop and refunded the overpayment to the two lasses (returning customers too) who bought over the Easter weekend.  Every little helps!!! 

Just replaced one of the sold bags as I've still got some of that fabric left.  Here it is.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.