8 April 2015

Royal Mail strikes again!!!

No, the postman isn't on strike - that's the good news.

The EVEN BETTER news is that Royal Fail has changed it's pricing structure on certain items which meant a very nice surprise when I mailed the last two bags to the purchasers the other day.  This all happened on the first of April.  Now instead of the items being called a 'small packet' they're now called International Large Standard Letter.  Sheeeeesh.

Now I know this is right for the purchase of the square bags now in my Etsy shop but I'll check the shuttle costs when I get more of those.  I've now lowered the cost of postage on everything in the shop and refunded the overpayment to the two lasses (returning customers too) who bought over the Easter weekend.  Every little helps!!! 

Just replaced one of the sold bags as I've still got some of that fabric left.  Here it is.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I wondered what was going on! ;-)

God's Kid said...

That is such an adorable fabric!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Lucky you.That's good news. The South African postal system still hasn't recovered from a long strike, and they've just removed the econo parcel which was a cheap rate for a parcel of a given size. We went to a courier today, but their prices are too high for random gifts to grandchildren. Sigh...

Kristen said...


I just can never get over how utterly frustrating the post (any post) can be...impractical hours, expensive, always changing...

Still I suppose it's better than everyone having carrie pigeons or the Pony Express, so I suppose we'll all just have to deal. :)

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