20 August 2021

Back to the beads again

Two more of the beads covered.  Wonder if I can keep this up!!!

19 August 2021

Back to the 'day' job!

Now this is progress over the last week since I started on the shirt.  I'm going very, very slowly with this as I respect the silk very much.

You can see on the top photo that the collar has gone and on the second photo I'm opening up the front too having, of course, removed the buttons!!  I've also cut off the cuffs as well.  I'm also wondering what length to make the sleeves but that decision doesn't have to be made for a good while yet.  

I thought working with black was bad enough but working with white sewing threads while deconstructing this is a LOT worse.  The silk shines so much and it's a case of slowly, slowly, catchee monkey!!!!

18 August 2021

The evening 'job'

We've got sash windows on this old house and where the top window slides down there's a little 'shelf' where my solar jiggly things sit.  I've got crocheted curtains (I did them years ago) below the shelf for privacy and I'm bored with those but still need to leave them up.
So I've decided to make some sort of 'dangly' thing to hang between the crocheted curtains and the glass but I wanted 3D too.  Out came the big beads!!!

I'm using this set of patterns.  Here are the first two.

17 August 2021

A shirt

During our massive tidying up session over the past six weeks or so we found a shirt in Nick's wardrobe.  
It's MASSIVE and he said I should take it to the charity shop.  I don't think it's ever been worn and it's shiny and gorgeous as it's made of Thai silk.  I'll add the photos I took in the sunshine (a rare thing) although they've come out with a blue tinge.  The shirt is actually a gorgeous white.  

I'm going to make this my next project!!!  This will be the 'day job' as I'm playing around with tatting in the evenings.  More on that tomorrow!!!!

16 August 2021

Monday Moan - please save the planet

So today I'm going to moan about patterns.  

So what really, really BUGS me is the people who are producing pages and pages of 'paper' to write down their patterns when the same thing could be done in 3 - 4 pages at the most.  

Then they charge for the pattern and leave the customer to have to pay out even more to print out all those pages.  Lots of patterns I see for sale are many pages long (often into double figures) with HUGE font and waaaaay to many pictures.  Please, please, please let's resolve this 'my pattern has got to be big and fancy so people think they've got value' mentality and aim for clear, concise instructions.

Remember, people, a pattern is merely instructions on how to achieve the finished piece and NOT a tutorial on every step taken to get there.  Those parts are techniques and not the pattern.  It can also confuse the person working the item because they've learned another way to do certain techniques.  

I suggest that before buying a 'digital download' you check how many pages you are committing to printing out (contact the seller and ask for a sample page too) and whether some of those pages are merely 'headers' with nothing more than the designer's and pattern's name on.  

Can we please try to save the planet for our kids and grandkids.  I'm so looking forward to your comments on this moan.  

Now for a picture to cheer you up!  A Motmot bird.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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