13 April 2013

Practical Crafts

Here are two more of my patterns but this time they were published in Practical Crafts - February 1994. 

The really interesting point here is the way I worked the pearl drop earring.  Again bearing in mind that I already knew how to do split rings myself I was very aware that most tatters probably wouldn't know so I used an 'old fashioned' method to achieve what would now be easily done with SR's.

11 April 2013

Edging to six motif mat

Well I knew it 'needed something' so this is what the 'something' turned out to be!!!!
I used the same colours as I did on the middle motif.  With beads added, of course!!!  I didn't want the piece to be round either so decided to 'go with' the dips and dives of the total shape.

Now it can go in the box in the cupboard!!!!

10 April 2013

Practical Crafts January 1994

Well, well, well.  Another magazine that ran my patterns back in 1994.  These earrings came about when I found it was becoming too expensive to buy earrings to amuse my reception classes!!!  This was obviously a long time ago and nowadays I'd probably use different techniques to make them.  In fact some of my doodles have developed from these early beginnings.

No, that's not me - either on the cover or modeling the earrings.  Mind if it was a black cat it might've been me in a previous incarnation.  Oh, on second thoughts - I would've been it's owner.  A witch!!!  Probably still am when you're not watching me!!!

9 April 2013

Jess threads 7

Here it is - the final motif.  So, that's another project over with - or is it?  No, it's not.  

I've now got to wake up BC3 to see if he/she can help out with an edging for this.  Why?  Well because none of the outer picots have beads on so they look really naked!!!  They need 'dressing up' with something or other. 

So how do I go about that?  Time will tell.  

I like the negative space on this mat/doily or whatever you call it!!!

8 April 2013

Yet more of the 'whatever it is'!

First of all - there are now 113 prams on the TIAS site here.

So today I've got more of the thread fun to show you.  I don't honestly press these as I go along so they may look a bit skanky.  Aren't the colours fun, though?  Just one more to go but I'm not going to ask for guesses as to which colours I'm going to use for the last one!!!!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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