17 August 2013

More Tatting Tidy pots

Now I have five more pots to put in my Etsy shop.   Hmmmm, well I have to sort out the photographs first, crop, re-size etc before I list them.  I'll start that this morning and hope to get a few up today.

I make the pots in batches.  I cut out a set and and then do the preparation in three 'stages'.  

First I iron the vilene onto the pockets (it's sticky backed) and also make sure that all the other pieces are ironed too.

Part two consists of sewing the heavy duty stiffening onto the denim bottoms and measuring all the pockets, pinning and sewing them down.  

Part three is when I make the handles and add the circular bottoms to the pocketed part and the plain lining to the denim reinforced inner bottom.

Finally I assemble the whole thing.  This is (naturally) the part I like best!!!  

Oh, you see the slight 'bulge' at the top of the pockets?  That's there to make them easier to use and stop shuttles etc 'bulging' into the inside.  Well, I know what I mean!!  I do know that it makes it harder to assemble them but who said life should be easy?!?!?

15 August 2013

Jellyfish finished

Having got the test tat you saw yesterday done there were several more but  I'm not going to bore you with those.  None of them really satisfied me until I decided that MY jellyfish had to have eyes.  I know, I know that 'real' jellyfish don't have eyes but mine wanted them.  He told me so!!!  You see I'm a jellyfish whisperer!!!

Who am I kidding - I've never met a jellyfish and have no urge to do so.

The tentacles still eluded me for a while until suddenly brain cell 3 thought of a new idea.  Why not use beads in the lock chain?  So, here you have the 'final' jellyfish in Jane fashion with probably a new way to use lock chains and beads!!!  
The pattern?  Well, it's here.

14 August 2013

Meet a new critter

A few weeks ago I had a request from Ruth in Canada for a jellyfish pattern.  People ask for the strangest things, sometimes but this idea really appealed to me.  I must have a very strange mind too, I suppose!!!

Ruth wanted this to be a brooch so one of the main considerations was 'how to hide the pin' that every brooch requires.  I decided that the easiest way was to use block tatting for that part of the design.  

Then there was the problem of 'what does a jellyfish look like'.  Good old Google images helped (or rather hindered) that part of the design process.  If you've got the time I suggest you google 'jellyfish' too and you'll find out how many 'sorts' there are.  That's what caused a hinderance!!!

Making the body was relatively easy but then the problems started with the tentacles.  You can see the problems with my first test tat below.  How many and where should they be!!!

More tomorrow - along with the pattern!!!

13 August 2013

Last brooches

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of these!!!  Well, you haven't.  Well, you have NOW as these are the last two.  Still debating what to do with them all as I can't wear them all!!!

I'll keep one or two to put on my winter coats to 'cheer up' those dull, grey days which will be here all too soon and some I may put into Etsy along with the one that's already there.

All this will obviously depend on whether I can find them when I want/need them next!!  My filing system, as you know, consists of chucking things in a box!!!!

12 August 2013


Just for fun and done with size 10 thread which is a size I rarely use.  Here are two snakes I made for the second session of grandkids!!!

I used this idea and just played with it.  A very fast tat with lovely results, I think.  Anyway the two who got them thought so!!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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