31 July 2010

I'm back with energy!!!

I've energy, sewing machine and fabric to make bags!!!!

Below are two selections of the fabrics I have!

What I REALLY need to do is make up my mind (send for brain cell # 3) which design to make.  There are the roly poly ones, the dolly bag type (with internal pockets) or the latest ones which you can see below.  I'm not sure quite what to call these!!  Probably the 'flat bottomed tat bag'?  Any suggestions (as long as they're not rude!) would be welcome.  I'm pleased with this little bag as it's cute and 'sensible'.  Doesn't tip over!!!!  Here's the one I've got in my store already.  It's the first ever for sale!!!

Oh, nearly, nearly forgot to add that there's a lovely 'set' with tiny chicks on which is new in the shop - roly poly and poke proof.

Whoooooops, woke up to find that the above roly poly has sold so here's a link to the poke proof pouch so you can see the pretty fabric.  I've enough to make one more so will get to that over the next few days!

30 July 2010

Continuing on from yesterday!

There were many interesting comments after my 'musings' over split rings yesterday.

It appears that some people have this 'problem' and others don't!!!  I'm not sure of the 'why's and wherefores' of this but assume it's a 'fact of life' that some people 'do' and others 'don't'!!!!  It must be in the tension!!!

I honestly don't want a solution to the problem as I 'use' the curve I get to great advantage in my patterns!!!!!  Usually there's another element which attaches to the split rings and which either 'straightens them out' or utilises the 'curve'. 

The only thing I can say about split rings is - long may they live and breathe!!!!

Yesterday I actually managed to 'fiddle around with' my Etsy shop.  I listed some more bags (one new 'set' with chicks on which I love) and other stuff but then panicked as they didn't 'show up' in the shop!!!  I DO hope I haven't listed stuff I haven't made!!!!!  I'll check it all out later today - after shopping!!

29 July 2010

Just look at these

I'm a lucky lass.  I get to talk tatting with numerous people from all over the world.  A lot of my time each day is spent helping out with 'problems'.  

This is an idea I've been discussing with Jane from South Africa.   Just wish I'd thought of this!!!!  First is her original necklace and underneath are two stunners which I've simply GOT to try for myself.

This has led us to an interesting discussion and input from all would be very useful and interesting.  

The question is - when you make a 'string' of split rings with equal numbers of stitches on both sides does your 'string' curl?  Mine does.  WHY?  

The seahorses that I make all have equal sided split rings but their tails curl naturally (which is what I want).  They always curl towards the second side of the SR too.  Does this happen to everybody and if so how do you stop it if you want to?!?!?!  I hope that if I get lots of interesting comments AND the answer to the problem that I'll be able to find the 'reasons why' this happens!!!!

28 July 2010

Hmmmm, I've obviously 'lost the plot'

I've had a few distractions and a holiday recently and I have just remembered promising that I would add the Joseph motif (which I blogged about while I was away) to my web site.

At some point I did add it but totally forgot to tell tat land!!!!

Now onto another subject!!!  I've got my sewing machine out again and would like any suggestions you may have for what to make!!!  I'm SO tired lately that I haven't got a clue what to make but I'm dying to get started!!!!

Don't forget to check my Etsy store today for the shuttles and more bags!!!

27 July 2010

Coming soon!

Well tomorrow, actually!!!! 

More pop a bobbin shuttles AND a few post ones too!!!

Where to find them?  HERE

I will release them at the usual 'blogging time' of 8.45 tomorrow morning (GMT) - that's if I remember, of course!!!!

26 July 2010

Wonder how many of you guessed?

I wonder how many readers guessed what would appear next after Saturday's post?  

Well if you guessed that it was a bracelet to match the earrings, then you were right.  If you didn't guess then I guess you were lazy like I would be!!!!

I'm not sure if this idea (adding beads over a button) has been used before but it's hardly worth explaining as it's SO EASY.  

All you do is pull the thread up through the button's hole and add the beads to the picot/thread.  Actually I 'double anchored' it to the edge of the button before carrying on - just to be sure.  Like I did in the original pattern here.  

A tad fiddly to get the thread to snug against the side of the button - but well worth the bovver!!!!!  Actually I prefer this to the original flower for jewellery.  I'm an odd old duck!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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