1 April 2017


When a tatting lass asks another tatting lass if she'd like some threads then what does said second lass say? Well if the 'second lass' is an OG with a BC3 and an addiction to tatting she says 'yes please'!!! 

Below is what arrived on Thursday. 
To say I was stunned when I saw the size of the box (I'd been told it was size 80 thread too) is an understatement. BUT when I opened it look what I found.
This was the top layer and I thought the 'only' layer!!
The thread was beautifully packed in tissue paper so I lifted the above out of the box and LOOK what I found.
A bit later on I was looking at the box and thinking that it looked a lot deeper and there was another lot of tissue which probably needed looking under. So I did and this is what I found next!!!
Thank YOU Jill. I'll certainly be putting this to good use although I think my little sister may have to help me too!!!  I have other friends here in the UK who may offer to help me out but I know that I can use a lot of this thread.

30 March 2017

All bagged out!!!

I know there's no such thing as being 'all bagged out' but it sort of makes sense to me!!! I'm done with the bags!!! I counted 22 finished ones when I tidied up the conservatory/sewing room. 

All are fully lined and all have a 'stiffened/flat' bottom to encourage them to stand up when a few things are put in them. 

To recap. The reason for making all these bags was because a friend gave me the fabric and it was just too pretty to put away in the cupboard. I also LOVED them too!! The reason for the bags being the sizes they are (around the size of a regular tote bag)? Well, that's cause it made the best use of the pieces. Another reason was to have some to take to the Fringe in September. 

BUT I can let you know that seven are already reserved so I still have to work out prices and the cost of postage too.

The last 3 were finished today (1 chicken and 2 'others') and they're promised to my daughter and granddaughter. They live in the country and keep chickens!!!

29 March 2017

I'm still here

Contrary to rumours I'm pleased to say I've not fallen off my perch!!!! 

It's been a busy (but lovely) few days. Sally came up from 'down south' to spend the weekend Chez Eborall and on Saturday we went to the Gloucester Tatting Day which is run by Linda Williams. A very pleasant day with lots of lovely tatters, tea/coffee and CAKE!!! 

Sunday my daughter and granddaughter visited and then Monday I was busy. BUT I did have time to make the last three of the bags from the Japanese printed fabric yesterday. There are three more still to make from other fabric which I hope to finish today. Once they're done I'll tidy up the conservatory (where I sew) and then return to tatting (I think) although I do want to finish another crochet project which is under way. 

Here are the last two Japanese bags although I've got to check back to see if there are any I haven't shown!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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