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30 March 2017

All bagged out!!!

I know there's no such thing as being 'all bagged out' but it sort of makes sense to me!!! I'm done with the bags!!! I counted 22 finished ones when I tidied up the conservatory/sewing room. 

All are fully lined and all have a 'stiffened/flat' bottom to encourage them to stand up when a few things are put in them. 

To recap. The reason for making all these bags was because a friend gave me the fabric and it was just too pretty to put away in the cupboard. I also LOVED them too!! The reason for the bags being the sizes they are (around the size of a regular tote bag)? Well, that's cause it made the best use of the pieces. Another reason was to have some to take to the Fringe in September. 

BUT I can let you know that seven are already reserved so I still have to work out prices and the cost of postage too.

The last 3 were finished today (1 chicken and 2 'others') and they're promised to my daughter and granddaughter. They live in the country and keep chickens!!!


  1. 22? No wonder you're bagged out! They're beautiful, I'm not surprised that 7 have already been bagged.

  2. That's a lot of bags! Love those chickens!

  3. I don't know...22 kinda sounds like you're becoming a semstress instead of a tatter...its going to take several days straight of tatting pics to reassure us...(just kidding)

  4. I love the others too but the chickens! Gosh they are gorgeous!,(never thought I'd say that about chickens!)

  5. Love the rooster/chickens!

  6. I adore those chickens!

    All these bags have been absolutely fab. You go, you old git.


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