12 June 2010

This is a peapock

That's right I have it on good authority from 2 1/2 year old Abbi that these birds are called peapocks!!!

The pattern is from Pam Palmer's 'Tatting Treats' and I first made this little critter shortly after buying the book directly from Pam in 1994 (or maybe 5).  That time I worked the tail as the pattern stated but this time I used exactly the same stitch count but worked it without any cut and ties - well, until the end of course!!!  

The tail thread is from Tatskool and is called Coral Reef.  The body is worked in a Coats thread.

The guy underneath is a crocodile.  OK, I know the original was an alligator by Kate Plummer but Nathan wanted a crocodile.  I took liberties with this pattern as I was tired and so changed the bottom part.  My apologies to Kate who's work I SO admire.  If you're out there, Kate, I'd love to find you.

11 June 2010

My lucky streak!!!

Very lucky, I might add.  

Gina's been running giveaways for years - and very generous ones too.  I know this because I follow her from the dashboard on my blog and love reading her contributions.  Also I've been entering these giveaways too.  No luck at all until two weeks ago when I WON!!!

The parcel arrived and when I opened the box there was this dear little bag inside.  Immediately it reminded me of a jester's hat.  I emptied it out (as you can see in the second picture) and tried it on.  It will remain a bag and not a dual purpose bag/hat as it was too small even for my little head.  Small it might be (as a hat!) but it was stuffed full of goodies.

Thanks, Gina.  SO glad I won.

Tomorrow I will be here all day!!!  I'll tell you all about it (whether you want to hear or NOT) on Monday!!!!

10 June 2010

Another two cracking design

Yes another hopping design from Martha.  Isn't this wee grasshopper so cute?

Under the grasshopper is a koala which I love too.  Wonder what I'll get tomorrow?  Hint, hint!!!

9 June 2010

Test tatting

One of my very, very favourite designers is Martha Ess.  Her books are the ones I go to time after time - mainly (I'll admit) for her critters as the grandkids love them almost as much as I do!!!!

I'm honoured yet again to be asked by her to test tat a few patterns for her.  Here's one I've just done.  Isn't it just SO CUTE?

When I stay with Joanie in SC my greatest joy is being with her and her DH but the bonus is to have the time to watch the birds at her feeding table and even more entrancing is watching the hummers.  Just WISH we had hummingbirds where I live - but on second thoughts I'd never get anything done if we did!!!!

8 June 2010

I won another giveaway!

I entered TypsTatting giveaway a few weeks and I won - just because I'm STUPID!!!!

That's what I like about living in tat land - I can be as silly as I like without people looking down their noses at me like so called 'normal' people do!!!!!

This is the Yoyo maker she sent me (purple thingy on the right).  See the fabulous instructions?  Loads of them and easy to follow.

BUT at the top left is what I came up with on my first attempt!!!!  Sad,  isn't it?  I think the fabric I used was maybe a bit stiff so I'll have a go with another flimsier piece. 

Also in the packet was a delightful cloth which is now on an antique (yup, even older than me!!!) table.  Looks SO pretty as it's a very fine cotton with pretty embroidery on.

7 June 2010

Don't you just LOVE my bum?

That made you sit up and notice, eh?!?!??  You'll have to wait til the last picture, though!!!!

Right, since the arrival of Tatskool's gorgeous HDT last week I found I'd run out of Eze-bobs!!!  

Now spelling counts a LOT when finding these little gems which Rita Cochrane first introduced me to waaaaay back during my first (think it was the first) visit to Palmetto Tat Days or just after.  It's not easy to find them as they are spelt differently by people.  If you do a google search you'll find Ez bobs, Eze-bobs and Ez-bobs which doesn't make life very easy for an old git in the UK.  Not sure where to find them in the USA but I did find a fabulous supplier in Ireland (are you there, Tatskool?).  The company is here and they're called Arabesque Braids - look on the Knitting Nancy page - their delivery is FAST too.  Just a hint when ordering - the size 2 (my favourites) hold 50 yards of HDT easily.

So, when I'd wound just one of Tatskool's skeins onto an Eze-bob I realised I'd run out so back to the drawing board - aka Arabesque Braids for more.  I'd decided to try and tidy up my messy balls of thread which had already decided to unwind themselves in storage and put them on these wee gismos so I ordered 8.  

Well, since the arrival of Sue Anna's gift I've had to order MORE!!!!!  I just LOVE having packages arrive through the post!!!  Here's a few pictures of them.  

First picture is entitled 'now you see me'!!!
Second is 'now you don't' - bet you guessed that already!!!!!
The last one is 'bum's up'!!!  Actually to prove that I can be organised from time to time I've written on the bottom of each the name of the thread, size and (where I know it) origin.  Mind, I think those with no names are most likely Yarnplayers as I recognise them from her Etsy shop.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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