11 June 2010

My lucky streak!!!

Very lucky, I might add.  

Gina's been running giveaways for years - and very generous ones too.  I know this because I follow her from the dashboard on my blog and love reading her contributions.  Also I've been entering these giveaways too.  No luck at all until two weeks ago when I WON!!!

The parcel arrived and when I opened the box there was this dear little bag inside.  Immediately it reminded me of a jester's hat.  I emptied it out (as you can see in the second picture) and tried it on.  It will remain a bag and not a dual purpose bag/hat as it was too small even for my little head.  Small it might be (as a hat!) but it was stuffed full of goodies.

Thanks, Gina.  SO glad I won.

Tomorrow I will be here all day!!!  I'll tell you all about it (whether you want to hear or NOT) on Monday!!!!


Martha said...

Ooooh, the faire looks like such fun. I wish I could be there.

geraldine said...

oh what a pitty i have to be out else where, other wise i would have come and said hello.
you are a very lucky girl,what a wonderful give away.have entered some but no luck yet.(one day).wheres the picture of the hat,could do with a laugh.

Gina said...

Yes - where the pic of you wearing the "hat"? LOL! I'm sure you looked but just in case, the shuttle is inside the rolled up hankies.

Fox said...

What a lovely jester hat! Yes, we want to see the modelled version!

Have fun at the faire.

Fox : )

tattrldy said...

Yes, I want to see the 'hat' too! Congrats on the win - what a great bunch of goodies. And it would be great to see what kind of shuttle she sent you. We want to see ALL of the things you got (so we can drool over your good fortune)

Paula C. said...

What a lovely prize! I am glad you won =)

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

I want that hat, err, bag!!1! Look at those goodies. Me want them.

TypsTatting said...

Love the hat and I hope you have fun with your goodies!!! Oh by the way I found out where to buy those cell phone straps. Look in the bead section of a craft shop! If you have trouble let me know and I could get you a packet!

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