21 July 2023

Sock progress

Meanwhile 'back in sock land' progress is slowly being made there too!!! 

Here's where I was last time I showed you. It'll soon be time to tackle the heel which should be an interesting experience since it's many years since I last did a heel and that was with a top down sock. This time it's the toe up way of working. 

19 July 2023

Surprise, surprise

A BIG thank you to Judy who sent in her alien. It's never too late to be an alien on the TIAS blog!!! Here's a link to see it.

18 July 2023

Fabric and playtime!!

Now what do you think of this fabric? Isn't it - well, ummm, errrr, bright? I was given it in a free cycle pickup and fell in love with it straightaway. 

This was at least a year ago and it was thought about, put away, brought out to 'deal with', put away again and finally a week or two ago I got it out again!!! 

Originally I was going to make a 'floaty' kimono sort of long jacket thingy for myself but realised that the fabric doesn't drape enough for that.

Also one has to consider that I'm short, dumpy (one 'could' say fat) and don't really 'do' that sort of garment. So out came BC3 and the pattern you see below.  

That's NOT what I'm aiming for but it's a start. I'm going to place the front and backs on the fabric but allowing for a cut down the centre of the front (so it will become a jacket). There will need to be allowances for it to fit over other garments and so sleeves will have to be made larger under the arm and also to compliment that - in the fronts and backs too. Lots of input from BC3 will be needed but I think it's going to be fun. 

I am much braver with this sort of project when I know I haven't had to lay out loads of money on the fabric in the first place!!! 

Right - here we go!!!

17 July 2023

Martha's Dragon

This is another of the  test tats for Martha's new book.  I really need to do this again as I'm afraid I didn't get the wings as well as they should and ARE in the pattern.  

There's absolutely no problem with the pattern but it's my fingers and brain which were at fault.  I was trying to get it finished before bedtime and (you all know how it is) I wasn't concentrating well when it came to pressing it.  He's a really lovely tat and I'll certainly be making one for Jayne along the road.  She's from Wales and her husband is really into dragons.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.