12 April 2019

First sequin Another re-visit project

Years and years ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth BC3 was playing with sequins as well as cabone rings!!! Well it was actually only 11 years ago - I exaggerated - just a little bit!!! 

The pattern is here but I'm now working on upgrading it so please wait until I've finished as it should be much easier to work.

The sequins I’ve used below are holographic ones which makes them VERY difficult to photograph or scan!!!  They’re gorgeous, though!!!

11 April 2019

Tissue holders

Right!!! Here's another little project I've started. It's a 'quickie' one which I needed after the pouches.

These are covers for the little packets of tissues that you throw into your handbag or whatever. They're invaluable for mopping up noses, spills etc but the plastic around them, I find, gets a bit yucky after a while.

These little tissue holders certainly stop that happening, I've found.

I made over a dozen of them for the craft sale which we had in the library last October and found that I came home with just one left and was asked by people for more. So, I know they're a good idea!!! 

I like to make them with bright colours - just so I can see them in my handbag!!! There are two Japanese prints in this lot and a rose one too plus the lovely blue/green one at the top righthand side of the picture and some match the pouches!!!! It'll be the 'luck of the drawer' whether people will want or be able to buy a matching pair but these should fit in the suitcase without too much trouble. I'll probably put a packet of tissues in them if it looks like I'm going to have room!!!

I 'lost' one to my daughter who snaffled it when she saw them!!!

10 April 2019

Two more hearts

While I was making the hearts for Fleur and Grace I also updated the pattern too.

It certainly needed more drawings and a little more thought on the text. 

The new and MUCH easier to follow (I hope) is now on the pattern site. Here's the link. 

Then I got to liking the pattern again and so here are two more hearts!!!

9 April 2019

Finished hearts for Fleur and Grace

Well here they are. The finished hearts for Fleur (should I call her 'my Fleur'?) and Grace. I thought a small heart and a butterfly would finish the picture off.

I actually went over to see their 'Glammy' (grandma) for a cup of tea last week and took the pictures with me. 

There's nothing quite as calming and wonderful as having a small child snuggled up to you on a sofa. My grandkids are too big now, sadly.

8 April 2019

Slowly, slowly!!!

Where does the time go? I know I lead a busy life but I still don't know where time escapes to!!! 

This past week I've been making more accordion pouches and hope to be able to put them all together in one blog post in case anybody wants to reserve or buy one. 

I've also got two other sewing projects on the move too but you'll have to wait to see what they are for a while. Sometimes my blog has queues of stuff ready to show you and then I'll go through a 'bare' patch. At the moment it's like Spring - it's blossoming!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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