1 December 2012

Threads, threads, threads

No guesses as to what's in the boxes you can see in the top picture!!!

Yes, I won two lots of thread again from Handy Hands.  Now it may seem easy to come up with thread suggestions but, believe me, it's getting harder and harder as there are SO many gorgeous threads in the Handy Hands shop already!!  One of my suggestions was brought about by desperation.  Yes, even I can do desperate!!!  I wanted a pure, plain cream colour to go with black.  I searched around the UK sites and there was nothing - well, only Cebelia and that was hard to get and it's a tad soft for me.  I bought one from an online shop in the end and it was OK.  Not the best - just OK.  I'd got the sort of off white that is in the Lizbeth range but it was true cream I needed so I wrote to Barb and suggested it.  The other balls were for coming up with a name for a new colourway.  

There's another plain shade I've been forced to suggest too as I'm almost out of the Manuela ball I've used for years.  It's one of my all time favourites and it goes with so many other colours that when it's gone I'll be very, very sad.  I hope it's considered as I'm sure you'll love it too.  We'll see, eh?

30 November 2012

Now a Fandango Snowflake on a doodad!!!

Just for a change I thought I'd try the Fandango Button Snowflake on a doodad!!!!  It works a treat and (of course) it's much faster to make as you don't have the beads to add over the button.  Well you could, of course using inner holes to join to but then you'd lose the prettiness of the doodad and the stitch count may have to be altered too.

The doodad has to be chosen quite carefully as it needs to be roughly half an inch in diameter and it also needs 12 'joining places'.  

I've got plenty of these in my stash and will be making more over the next few days - unless another idea that's been brewing in brain cell 3's part of my brain makes a takeover bid.

The new idea has to do with doodads too but not like you've seen them used before!!  Well, of course, that's if it works!!!  The best made plans of mice and men don't always work out!!!  As I use a good brain cell it does give me a slight advantage although number 3 has been somewhat overworked lately!!!

Oooops, just realised that the saying (best laid plans etc) is sexist - or should that be 'manist'?  Still it's not MY saying, is it?  Sorry, Mark and any other male tatters who waste their time reading my ramblings!

29 November 2012

Here it is!!!

Another three Fandango Button Snowflakes and now the pattern!!!

When will the addiction end?  I can't stop making them at the moment.  So many colours in my stash and so little time in my life.  I'm now dying to see if anybody else makes them and if so, what colours they use.  I know Sally's got the bug and I'm hoping others catch it too!!!!  

Right, after I've done the essential shopping etc for the day I'm going to make a few more and then I've got another idea I want to play with!!!!

28 November 2012

Shuttles galore

The Pop a Bobbin shuttles sold fast and furiously on Saturday and now there are none left!!  I have 2 post shuttles and 2 bobbin holders left here in my Etsy shop.

Look, look, look!!  Aren't they drop dead gorgeous?  I just LOVE these shuttles and can't thank Barb enough for sending them to me.

Barb at Handy Hands ran a sort of competition and asked for suggestions to name the colours of the shuttles and their bobbins.  It may sound easy but it gave even brain cell 3 a good airing until he managed it.

I must've mathered and mithered over several ideas for days but thankfully between the pair of us we managed to come up with two suggestions.  Now, what were they?  Hmmm, darned if I can remember now!!!

27 November 2012

Small buttons 2

Well here's the result of more beads!!!  AND it's even got a name too.  I've called it the Fandango Button Snowflake!!!  

I'm not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and it wasn't until I'd done at least four of these that I realised they were similar in construction to the Fandango series of bookmark, edging and pendant!!!  It does seem daft but that's the truth of it. 

So, I present the Fandango Button Snowflake.  I'll have the pattern ready in two days - I've just got to work out how much thread is needed and then it's done and dusted.  Please bear with me.

26 November 2012

Playing with small buttons now!

First of all today I have to apologise to Martha - see this link and the comment below.  Beware, dear Martha, things are going to get worse over the next few days and your spare time might just be zonked completely if you like what's coming next!!!

OK, first of all I found some half inch buttons with two holes.  After a bit of jiggling and wriggling this top button emerged.  No, not good enough. 

Another search of my tatting cupboard and I found the same size but with four holes.  Now things are moving along.  That's the second picture.

Still not festive enough and lacking grossly in beads I retired to consult dear brain cell # 3.  More tomorrow!!!

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Happy Beaks
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