11 October 2019

Brrrrrm, brrrrrm, it's a car!!!!

I had a birthday last Saturday - now I'm 76!! 

For my birthday this year I decided I definitely needed a new car. Yes, that's right.

To me a car is a car is a car and when mine's due for service the dealership rings me up to remind me and asks me all sorts of STUPID questions like 'how many miles have you done', 'have you got the wheel 'something or others' and other assorted questions.  

All I can tell them is that it's a sort of dark grey and is parked 'somewhere in the road'.  I always tell them it's got a wheel at each corner and something called an engine somewhere in the middle. Oh, I can also tell them I put petrol in it from time to time too!! What silly questions they ask. I mean, what else does a body need to know about their car!!!

This car has been lurking on the computer for a year or more. It was requested by a lady who wanted a definite make of car but she had to send me pictures so I'd know what I was 'aiming for'!!!!

Anyway, this is more the sort of car I like - a tatted one which can be found here!!!

10 October 2019

This year's new season of snowflakes!

This is a little snowflake I've been working on since about August!!! Yes, I know, I do take a long time but mainly because I get easily distracted!!! 

I'm not sure if I'll be publishing this as it's a pretty simple design and I think it may have been done before. I'd appreciate any help to prove (or disprove) whether it's already been done. I've checked my own site - just in case I'd 'been there before' and it's not there!!! 

I've got two more in this 'series' and I've named them 'Midi Snowflakes' (for now) as they work out to just about 2¼" in diameter. They're a fast tat and will fit easily onto a card if that's what's wanted. Mine will be for giveaways - although Abbi's already run off with three!!!!

9 October 2019

Another mouse!

While I was in America I met a new member of the Exclusive Tatting Club!!! Here it is - it's another mouse!!! 

Rekha pointed him out to me in the display where he was climbing up the wall. Thanks, Rekha - your mouse is now in the exclusive club and can be found in the page at the top of this post!

8 October 2019

Juliana - FINISHED

A HUGE thanks to Tim for checking up my Juliana translation and finding a few errors in it. 

He sent me this picture of his finished doily and I LOVE it. Thanks a MILLION, Tim.

I just needed a few more quiet days to get the pattern finished and up on the site and luckily I managed that at the weekend. 

Here's a link to the pattern and here's a link to the history that I've found out and some of the text I had to work from!

7 October 2019

Copyright issues

Last week I got involved in a discussion in a Facebook group about copyright/intellectual property.  It was an interesting thread but due to the format of Facebook (things move on so fast) I thought I’d make a blog post about the issue and an incident in my own life.

This is based on one of my own experiences about this problem and the following is what happened to me and my own personal feelings.  

A few years ago I was asked by a tatter if she could teach one of my patterns in a class. I pointed out that it wasn’t suitable as it would take far too long for the time allocated.

Six months later part of this 'too large' pattern, with the same stitch count (but the notation slightly changed), was offered as a lesson by this tatter as a new pattern/idea to a group who run regular Tat Days.  

The people concerned spotted that the ‘new’ pattern was part of one of mine and asked the tatter to put on 'her' pattern the origin of the 'new' design.  I provided evidence that permission was sought to teach the original whole pattern but not for part of it to be taken, repurposed and used in the other tatter's name.  This part of the whole design, I may add, was a new idea in Tat Land when I first designed it - 3D.  

The group insisted that attribution was given on the pattern so my name (and source) was added for those taking part in the class. Obviously the attribution could be removed for future use by the teacher concerned. 

Around six months ago this part of my original pattern appeared in a magazine in another country as somebody else’s pattern. Life gets more interesting. 

Even MORE interesting is that I recently overheard a conversation whereby the person who originally stole that part of my pattern was complaining about the following person stealing ’her’ copyright/intellectual property. 

Hang on, I nearly said, you stole from me so why are you complaining about somebody stealing from YOU. I probably should’ve said something but that's not my 'way'. 

So, what I’m saying here is that copyright theft HURTS. The amount of hours that went into that innovative part of that pattern was enormous and I doubt anybody reading this blog post would even realise that it was innovative back in those days (2003/4).

I’ve seen further instances within the past month in new books coming out where theft of copyright/intellectual property is definitely a concern. If you suspect theft then please don’t buy the books or online patterns and please tell the owner of the copyright/intellectual property.

I'm gradually pulling out of designing as I'm terrified of stepping on somebody else's toes but I always check as far as I can before I publish.  Another reason to pull out is because I don't appreciate my own hard work being abused either.

I do have three midi snowflakes I'm currently working on and which I'll show you soon but they won't get onto the web site until I'm positive that they are original or (if not) that I can attribute the source of my inspiration even though they came out of my own BC3.  I see nothing wrong with using another's work as a 'starting point' but that should be noted on a pattern and due recognition given.  

I'm not just 'saying' that's what should be done as I do stick by my own rules even if something I've used as a starting point turns out very differently I'll still attribute the original inspiration.  See this link as just one example.

I also believe in cooperation and work happily with others to change things or add things to my own work.  See this link too.  

There's no  point in becoming a 'famous designer' (something I still aspire to) if you can't play fair as at some point you will be caught out and your good reputation will be gone.

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Happy Beaks
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