21 April 2023

Another cozy

Now this one hasn’t got a home - yet!!!!   I’m deciding what to do with it while I make a few more which will also need to find homes!!!!  Keeps me out of mischief making them, though!!!

19 April 2023

A new sewing project!

Heading now for (hopefully) warmer weather and the sewing spirit has risen within my body!!!  Spring means sap rising to most people but to me it’s the sewing bug which hits!!!

To get back into the swing of it I’ve started making bowl cozies.  I’ve got one which was given to me when I visited Canada years ago.  I LOVE it but as it’s grey it tends to be hard to find in my kitchen drawer!!!  The first one I’ve made is for a friend who lives nearby and this time round I’m making them with thicker wadding.  Why?  Well that’s because that’s what I was given!!!!  I LOVE Freecycle!!!!!  

17 April 2023

We’ve got to 90!!!

Well, almost!!!  The next one will be number 90 as over the weekend two more aliens arrived - hot off the ferry from Ireland!!!  That’s, of course, the flying saucer ferry!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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