2 January 2016

Bell flower bauble

Don't forget January 6th and the start of the Tat It And See.

So, did you miss me yesterday? Did you think I was suffering a hangover after the New Year's Eve celebrations? 

Well if you thought I had a hangover then it would only have been because I was suffering from too much sleep!!! What I LOVE about NYE is going to bed REALLY early and reading for even longer than usual and then falling into a deep, deep sleep. Sometimes we're woken by the neighbours singing the new year in along the road and sometimes by fireworks but it's lovely to lie there and hear (very briefly) the revellers and think what they're missing by not being cosy in bed!!!  Am I a MOG?  Perhaps I am.  MOG?  That means 'miserable old git' in Jane language.

So, today I have another bauble to show you. Yes, worked all in one 'hit' and ready to 'go'. Not sure what I'll use it for but it's given me ideas for earrings. IF I'd written down what I'd done then I would've made another to match but as I didn't (write it down) I'll have to work another one or two or three or ........ Well - you get the gist!!!  Patience, Pigmini, patience.  You know it takes time for me to get things properly 'sorted'!!!

31 December 2015

Further progress on patchwork

Every time I finish a round on this patchwork I think to myself (and BC3) - well, that's nearly done now. Then I look at it and think about clearing up all the fabric and bits and bobs and I find I can't let it go - well, not yet!!!

So, here's where I am now and I'll be adding more to this!!! I think it will only be one more round or it'll become too big for the table it's supposed to be used on. It's not a big table!!!

30 December 2015

Bubble gum bauble

The urge came upon me a few days ago!!! I realised that I'd been suffering withdrawal symptoms due to 'lack of baubles' in my life!!! Sad, isn't it?

So, what to do about it? Well, obviously the answer is - make a bauble!!! 

To really understand and come to terms with a technique I can't 'sit and study' the written word or pictures. I have to simply 'do it'. So, that's what I'm going to do - make baubles to understand more about them.

You'll see that in this one I've started making it on a split ring finding. That means the knots don't have to be hidden inside and it also gives me something to 'hang on to' while starting. By hooking all the ribs round the finding (and the ball/shuttle thread) it means no knots!!!

The bottom is interesting too. First I added beads to each rib (and the ball thread) and then took each thread back through the beads (except the bottom one which remains as the 'anchor') to sew in or 'lose' (tied in a knot in the middle).  The final shuttle thread was taken through a last group of beads but then taken through each of the bottom beads of the other groups and back through it's own group leaving just the one end to sew in.  

28 December 2015

Tat It And See - 2015

Ah, bet you thought I was going to be talking about the upcoming TIAS!!!! Well, no, you're wrong!!!

I'm actually talking about number 116 of this year's game which arrived - well, not going to tell you anymore as you'll have to go and see it over on the TIAS blog which is here!!! 

I'll show you the picture, though - just to tempt you to click!!!

Don't forget - start date for TIAS 2016 is in roughly ten days (January 6th).

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.