14 October 2016

A new member of the club

This dear little mouse arrived yesterday from Bernice. 

Here's the link to her blog post and her mouse is now living in the Exclusive Tatting Club (link to the page at the top).

I always smile when I see the name of Bernice's blog - Knot Vortex!!!! I wish I'd though of that name for mine as it seems to reflect my life in Tat Land!!!  A definite whirlwind of threads and knots!!!

13 October 2016

I'm a member of

The Tollway Tatters.

Bet you didn't know that. This is their uniform t-shirt which means I'm a member now. Two great friends of mine (Diane and Sue Anna) are members too. I think they actually started the group.  I do know that Sue Anna does the dying on the shirts and that she sent one to Sally too.  So that makes us the only two  English members of the Tollway Tatters.  How about that for being special?

I do have a major problem over being a member of the group. Nobody's offered to pay my travel costs to get to meetings - yet!!! Well it would be a taxi, a plane, another plane, a ??? from wherever the second plane lands to the place they meet and I think that would be a bit too expensive.  An old git can only dream, can't she?

12 October 2016

Forgotten and found!!!

Good title for an old git!!!  After a hectic few weeks I'm beginning to find myself after having forgotten me with all the stuff going on here at home!!!  

First of all thanks to Joanie for asking me where this pattern is on my web site!!! Well, it wasn't!!! This is a pattern I taught at Palmetto in 2012 and which I seem to have forgotten to put on the pattern pages!! 

It's a close relation to this one. I made this alternative design as I realised that doodads would be hard to find for anybody wanting to do the class. I remember full well the agonising that went into this design and the qualities of thread which I used in the process!!!! 

Well, here it is now and I hope those who do it have fun in the process and please think of poor BC3 who nearly melted while 'getting there'!!!

11 October 2016

More pretties

Here are two more dear little gifts that I came back with after Tat Days. Such wonderful tatting. 

I've no idea who made the turquoise piece but that's some really neat work. 

Thank you, Kathy. I'm sure I didn't get the chance to say it to your face but I really love this little bookmark. I don't want to take it out of it's packet as it's such a little treasure.

10 October 2016

Stephanie doily

There's one lady I must mention who goes to Tat Days each year and who always gives amazing little gifts. These are always tatted in size 80 thread and are really, really delightful. 

Not only does she do that she's also an amazing test tatter too. To be a test tatter isn't easy. First you have to be able to tell the truth about what you're testing. Not easy as some of us designers can be real prima donna's when it comes to criticism. I'm lucky - I've got a thick skin and can take and APPRECIATE all faults when pointed out to me. In fact if I ever asked somebody to test tat for me and they found nothing wrong I'd give up completely.  I'm good at boo boos in my work as you probably all know!

Now you're wondering who this is, I bet. Well it's Stephanie. I'm sure she's got motorised hands with the amount of tatting she produces. Yes, that's the answer. Wonder if they work off AA batteries or AAA. Maybe even lithium!!!

THANK YOU, Stephanie for all you do for me (along with Joanie who is my other favourite test tatter) for this lovely little mat.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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