13 October 2016

I'm a member of

The Tollway Tatters.

Bet you didn't know that. This is their uniform t-shirt which means I'm a member now. Two great friends of mine (Diane and Sue Anna) are members too. I think they actually started the group.  I do know that Sue Anna does the dying on the shirts and that she sent one to Sally too.  So that makes us the only two  English members of the Tollway Tatters.  How about that for being special?

I do have a major problem over being a member of the group. Nobody's offered to pay my travel costs to get to meetings - yet!!! Well it would be a taxi, a plane, another plane, a ??? from wherever the second plane lands to the place they meet and I think that would be a bit too expensive.  An old git can only dream, can't she?


Adrian said...

Well, you certainly wouldn't have much difficulty in finding the group!

Does the shirt come with a pair of sunglasses? :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We dream the same thing, Jane! Who knows? Maybe one day, one of us might purchase a lottery ticket, a winning lottery ticket, so that you and Sally could join us! Right now we're dreaming about a date when we can all get together again.

Maureen said...

There's always Facetime - or Skype for meetings

Jane McLellan said...

Great shirt for dreaming in!

God's Kid said...

Love your Tollway Tatter shirt!!!! :)
I am a whole lot closer than you are and it's tough for me to make it sometimes.

Bernice said...

Lovely shirt and so fortunate to be part of the Tollway Tatters.

LibraryLady said...

Lucky you, Miss Jane! You keep such good company :-)

Lelia said...

Wonderful! a spectacular addition to Tollway Tatters

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