22 February 2014

Not a lot

Well all those who read my blog will probably be relieved to hear I've not got a lot to say today!!!! 

One thing I probably need to do is remind those taking part in the TIAS that the boats not in would be very welcome to sail into harbour at any point. 

There were 102 starters that I know of (I didn't get time to go and 'harvest' from blog posts) and have 74 finished ones in the docks. I know there's no time limit and I know that it's not the point to try and beat records but it's nice for everybody to know who else is taking or took part.  

If this game is becoming 'old hat' and needs to be dropped then I'm happy to do that but I'll keep going as long as I get at least 50 taking part each year!  After all it keeps me busy when I might just fall off my perch with boredom during January/February each year.

21 February 2014

Another day - another square!

This has become my 'go to' project when I'm just not in the right frame of mind to play with new ideas. OR when BC3 has taken a holiday!!! 

As you can see - I've now got 3 motifs joined together and things are looking good.  

I must admit that I am working on something else which I'm VERY excited about.  I'm going to do a bit more on it before I start to blog it.  It's NOT mine and it will be available to everybody soon but that's ALL I'm going to tell you.

20 February 2014

Another two necklaces!

These were a beast to get right when I found the rings. Getting the stitch count right is always time consuming but really worth it in the end.

Not sure if you can see but the centre motif (in the middle of the metal ring) is actually a daisy picot flower. The two on the sides and between the chains are also made the same way. Fiddly to do but soooo pretty.

Listed these two late last night - just in case I forgot to do that this morning!!!

19 February 2014

A small amount of progress!

Time to move on with my hall shelf runner. I'm now thinking I MAY stick to dark and light shades of the same colour on each motif. BUT an old git is allowed to change her mind - particularly if she can't think or find two colours that 'go' together!!!

Starting out on one of these ventures is always easy. Easy because it's initially obvious which colours will sit next to each other. When I've done this sort of project before I've found that it becomes harder and harder to make decisions but that often what you think may not work sometimes just do!!! Anyway here are two motifs together.

18 February 2014

Life after doodads!

I LOVE doodads and have loads of them to play with. BUT I also have rings - no, not rings for your fingers but rings. Ordinary rings. 

Last week I had a Spring clean of my tatting cupboard yet again. This time I was REALLY tough on myself and found odds and ends in there which had been around for about twenty years. A lot of the 'stuff' had to go. A lot was bits that I'd worked and were not good enough to keep or good enough to give away to card makers either. The bin men got those!!! Then there was an assortment of bags I'd made two decades ago too - again they went.

BUT I found rings and thought they'd be great for something and this is what happened!!!

They will be listed in my Etsy shop as soon as I finish this post. I know - I don't often mention my Etsy shop but it is still there and 'ticking over' nicely I may add!!!!

17 February 2014


Sadly today is the final part of the TIAS. Here's the link.

For those of you who haven't started and those who are a bit behind - don't worry the game continues until the next one starts in January 2015.

Please remember to send in your country when you send in day 16 and any details you want to - including thread used, skills learned etc.  No need to thank me - I've enjoyed it as much as you have!!!

Later today (when BC3 remembers!) I will upload the whole pattern onto my pattern site - into the 'odds and ends' section.

Just a few thoughts on the design of this little sailing boat.  It wasn't an easy one!!  First there were many images that I looked at - taken from google images.  Then I had to learn a bit about boats/ships and then after that decisions had to be made on 'what sort' to design.  I then had to decide whether to show the whole hull (the part which would normally be under water) but I thought that a design without would be more useful for using on children's clothes, etc.
I'd like to thank the person who asked for many years for me to design a sailing boat.  It may not be exactly what you wanted but it's the best BC3 could do for now!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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