21 February 2014

Another day - another square!

This has become my 'go to' project when I'm just not in the right frame of mind to play with new ideas. OR when BC3 has taken a holiday!!! 

As you can see - I've now got 3 motifs joined together and things are looking good.  

I must admit that I am working on something else which I'm VERY excited about.  I'm going to do a bit more on it before I start to blog it.  It's NOT mine and it will be available to everybody soon but that's ALL I'm going to tell you.


picotsnkeys said...

Hi Jane-

How big do the squares end up (dependent of course on size of thread)?


Jane Eborall said...

I've just checked on the pattern, picotsnkeys - each square is 2 ½"

lej619 said...

OH MY that is small. looks like it was more on the 4" size.need to try and make some.

Pigmini said...

4 up on 20 thread will make 5 inches

Pigmini said...

A square of 4 would give you 5 inches!!

Anonymous said...

That looks so HAPPY! I love the colors! It makes me want to stop and fill MORE shuttles with thread so I can make a few squares, too. ;-)

Jane Eborall said...

Ummm, Pigmini - at 2 ½" each square then four would give 10"!! I was never very good at numbers so I could be wrong!

God's Kid said...

Those squares look so great!!! :)

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