27 April 2013

Popular Crafts April 1994

Another of the magazines which used my patterns.  This time in 1994 - back in the last century!!!

There were so few coloured threads around in those days that I can't believe that I even found some.  

Nowadays Tat Land is covered in beautiful colours made by so many talented people from commercial producers to people dying in their own homes.  Wonder if I should take up dying?  I guess not - I'd probably dye everything in sight and I don't think the cat would appreciate turning purple or pink or some other colour!!

26 April 2013

More of the Ferris Wheel motifs

All bags now finished and listed in the Etsy shop.  The really, really good news is that the sewing machine and assorted mess in the area I work in is also cleared away too.  Aren't I good, eh?

Well these are fun.  I'm enjoying the playing with colours again.  Wonder how long I'll keep it up, though?  So relaxing after a stint of designing.  Mind, the itch to start something new is there in the background of BC3's brain!!!

25 April 2013

Just a quickie!

I've been tatting but I really wanted to show you these bags that I've put in the shop.  Well, just two sorts - roly poly bags and poke proof pouches.  
There are quite a few more in there and I have three more sets to finish.  That will make a total of 20 in this sewing session.  I'm really, really done with sewing for a while after this.  

Why can't I regulate myself?  Why do I start a thing and then HAVE to finish it?  Why can't I leave a project like that and walk away from it for a few days?

Answer - because I'm bonkers!!!  Totally and utterly BONKERS!!!

24 April 2013

The Ferris Wheel

Named, shamed and up on my web site!!!!  

I loved the suggestions for this motif but it simply had to be the Ferris Wheel as several people suggested that name!!!!   I liked the one suggested by Pigmini of Octocurlygon but thought the cleverness of it might be lost on those who don't read English.  Twiddly (by Jane) was another great suggestion but I think I can use that another time!!  Same thing with Mad Tatter's suggestion of kaleidoscope too.  

In fact with some of the suggestions I'm not using I'm beginning to feel another design based on names creeping into BC3's area of the aged brain!!!!

23 April 2013

Not about tatting - not really!

I just wanted to apologise to those who thought I'd stopped easy commenting on the blog.  I took the Captcha thingy off some time ago to make it easier and then found that the comments dropped off AGAIN recently.  I've now realised what caused this.  

What happened is that I linked blog comments to google+ and that made it impossible for those who aren't using google+ to be able to comment - it's now back to what it was before.  Hope this will help you - Maureen and Fox!!!.  

You know what I'm like - I love to try all and everything out.  Do many people use google+?  I rarely if ever go to it.  Now I've taken off the link between the blog and google+ we should be back to 'normal' which is actually almost impossible in my corner of Tat Land!!!

Oh, I'm also roly poly bag making again too and slowly listing them (and poke proof pouches) in my Etsy shop.  Only another 7 sets to make and I'll retire again!!!

Another of the new motifs but without a button in the middle!!!  Today I will choose one of the suggestions for a name and (with a bit of luck) get the pattern up on my site.  Keep your fingers crossed.

22 April 2013

Just when you think it's safe!!!

Just when you think you've heard the last of this pattern - here it is again!!!

BUT this time it's got 8 sides and has a button in the middle!!!  I've done two to see how it looks when they're joined so I think I'm going to stick with this idea for a while.

Of course there had to be some alterations to the pattern from the original - quite a bit, actually as you can probably see.  Not sure WHAT I'm going to call this one so any suggestions would be VERY welcome, pretty please with sugar on the top!!!!!  

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Happy Beaks
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