19 January 2024

Two white mice!!

Before the ‘silly season’ I decided to make Liz a mouse but you know what mice are like - they breed rapidly!!!  Liz has an affection for the mice I’ve got lurking around our house.  She often moves them secretly and hides them in different places in the house and I’ve even found them in the fridge - once hiding in my steel cut oats!!!  Fortunately that one hadn’t eaten much!!!

Here are the two I’ve made for her own amusement at her own house and they arrived on Christmas Day!!!

18 January 2024

Socks again post

Well I made a start on a sock.  As you know I’m a ‘toe up’ sort of person and find that this works better for me as I can make the sock as long as I like and not have to worry about whether I’ve got enough yarn or not to finish the foot.

I work the toe and heel and then use the rest of the yarn weighing the ‘leftovers’ so that when I get to the halfway point I can stop.  Actually I stop a little before I need to do the top ribbing so I’ve got enough for that.

16 January 2024

A seahorse swims in

Firstly I’m happy to announce that Just-Tatting is (or will be) back.  What a relief.

It was before Christmas that this lovely seahorse swam into my inbox.   It must’ve been tired as it came all the way from Singapore.

Thank you, Andrew for sending it to show me.  I remember when I first did the pattern way back in the last century.  I wrote a blog post about its ‘birth’ here.  That’s a long time ago!!!

15 January 2024

Monday moan

Yes, it’ that time of the week again!!!
My moan this week is very serious and also a real mystery.  

As you know I’m not a ‘fan’ of  Facebook but there was one group where I always felt ‘comfortable’ and it was very well run too.  I noticed last week that it had ‘gone missing’.  Well, that’s not quite true - it’s still there but nobody’s posting.  I put a post to test it out and it wasn’t published.  After a few days I took the ‘still pending’ post down - but the mystery remains.

The page leader ran the group very well and was understanding when I occasionally spoke to her about issues privately.  She’s what I’d call a ‘real lady’.  I’m so sad that she seems to have disappeared and now I’m really worried about her.  Also I’ve lost my favourite group.  

I expect you want to know which group it is?  It’s Just-Tatting.   Does anybody know if Lily is OK?  I miss her and the group.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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