15 April 2022

Another hat

Well this one was a BARGAIN from a charity shop.  Of course it 'had' to be decorated, didn't it?

I actually sprayed both hats with Scotchguard - not to make them waterproof but to try and keep them from not getting 'quite' so dirty 'quite' so quickly.  I wonder if that will work?

The large motifs are the new one I put on my pattern site last week and the butterflies are the SCMR one also on my site - somewhere!!!  

14 April 2022

Zigzag finished

Finally I got my act together to finish off the web page for this amazing doily.  Many thanks to Bev for all her help with it as without her it would never have got put down on 'paper'.  

I started working on it before Christmas and here's the previous one done in size 20.

I just absolutely LOVE this pattern.  This yellow version is done in a size 40 thread and measures 15” in diameter.

There are split chains but no split rings (are you reading this, Diane?!?!) and the split chains could be avoided too.  

Excuse the 'wobbly' look to the picture but I took it out on the grass which is by no means totally flat!!!

13 April 2022

Patchwork project

The start of another idea.  

Pamela in Ireland gave me this duffle bag (second picture) waaaay back in time.  I used it a lot and it’s a really sturdy bag.  I re-found it recently lurking underneath other odds and ends and decided that it was waaaaay too good to be sent to a charity shop and even more waaaaaaaaaaay too good to be thrown away..

As our poor old planet is suffering from global warming and as I have leftover fabric from the patchwork jacket which is here I decided that I should cover the bag with the leftovers from the jacket!!!

Each square is 2” and I need a lot of those to cover it.  

I now ‘need’ a bag when I go places where I need to ‘park’ the new hats and that’s a ‘problem’.  I need something to put the hats in that I can hang on the back of a chair - or whatever.  

If you can’t follow my ‘reasoning’ then don’t worry.  My brain works in a strange way!!!

12 April 2022

A hat!!!

As I’m getting old.  Yes, old.  I’ve realised (and been told!) that I need to take certain ‘actions’ like wearing a hat to protect myself from ‘summat up there’.  

So, I bought this hat.  It is a nice hat (even though I’m not a ‘hat person’) but it was boring.  Plain and boring.  So I’ve decorated it with a couple of seahorses.  That’s a ‘selfie’ and I apologise for the ‘grim’ expression on an otherwise pretty old and boring face!

11 April 2022

A quickie today

Just wondering if there are anymore dragons to come in from the TIAS

It’s a month since the last one arrived and that was number 85!!!

When I’m sure there are no more to arrive I’ll put the whole pattern on my pattern pages.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.