26 May 2012


Why oh why can't I stick to one thing and get that finished?  I've got the necklace ongoing, a new critter nearly completed, a new motif almost 'there' and a load of sewing almost finished too.  So, what do I do?

Summer has arrived here (well for a few days - fingers crossed) and I spotted a tshirt that I bought in America last July and which needs 'tarting up' a bit!!!  No time to do an edging for now but there is time to make a new pendant!!!  I also wanted to play with the idea of throwing a looped ring off a chain with a finding in.  That's my excuse and I'M STICKING TO IT!!!!

Back to the other stuff tomorrow, I promise!!

25 May 2012

New necklace progress

When Sally was up in my neck of the woods a few weeks ago we went on a tour of the local charity shops.  I bought the necklace below because I really liked the beads.  Well what you can see is sort of half the necklace as I 'got at it' with a pair of scissors!!!  As you do, don't you?  As there are very few beads locally I tend to use the charity shops as my main suppliers for larger beads that are different.

This is what is happening to it!!!

The 'pattern' I'm using is a bit like the Winsome Drop earrings - but with attitude!!  You can see that I'm taking a long beaded picot around the bead as I go.  I quite like this - so far!!!

24 May 2012

Last doodle

Well here are the last two - or should that be one?  

It's an elephant but in two sizes.  Here's the link.  

Now if you want the flamingo, ostrich, lion, peacock, gecko, hummingbird or octopus (the rest of my zoo) then you'd better either get yourselves down to Palmetto Tat Days here or buy their CD shortly after that!!!!  OR you can wait until around next February/March when they'll arrive on my web site - IF I remember!!!

I tatted one of each to mount on fabric a few weeks ago and today I decided I'd sew them on.  Guess what?  The little stinkers have disappeared.  Totally and utterly disappeared.  If anybody sees them please would you send them back to me?  Thanks.

Not sure why I did a blue elephant - must've been one of 'those days'!!!

23 May 2012

Penguin and Beaver

Nearly finished with the doodles now.  Here is my favourite today - the penguin. Don't know why but I really love this little guy.

The beaver is as a result of constant nagging from my sister!!  She's involved heavily with the Beaver group down her neck of the woods.  Here's a link to information about them.  So this is a tiny beaver and one day I hope to make a bigger one.  We'll see!!!

One last 'lot' tomorrow and then I'll show you some of the other things I've been working on recently!!

22 May 2012


Just one today - what a waste of paper and time!!!

Still tomorrow (which will be the penultimate doodle page) will be my favourites of all.  REALLY looking forward to sharing it.  Shall I give you a clue?  No, sorry, I can't think of one!!!!

I'm about to embark on another sewing stint but not roly poly bags or accessories - they are just sitting in the shop so there's no need for more and I'll have to buy in zips, labels etc if I do ever do more.  This time it's something else that's brewing in my head!!!

21 May 2012

Swan and Turtle

Good Monday morning and another dreary, cold day here in my neck of the woods!!!

Today's offering is a swan and a turtle.  Not sure if swans and turtles really go together but it's a case of whatever fits on a page!!!  My excuse is that they both live in/on/near water.  Will that do as an excuse?

Here they are in all their 'glory'!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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