28 May 2011


The first picture is the practice run for a bracelet with the shell beads. 

Can you see the wee heart shaped beads in between?  They were in the packet that Kelly sent me and I DID say here that she would lead me off the straight and narrow - well, she did!!!  Now I've allowed myself to be led astray I'm really enjoying it!!!!

They have a hole in the middle and you can put a tiny bead in that if you want to.
Well, after the practice piece came the 'real deal'.  Sadly the colours don't show up as well as the 'real thing'.  Perhaps I ought to have taken a photo instead of being really lazy and using the scanner!!!

27 May 2011

Last cross

Now this is a 'just because' cross!!!!  I've called it a flowery cross cause it starts with a flower in the centre!! 

No excuse or reason for this one at all!!!  The pattern is here and is now added to the web page. Just a bit extra here - can't believe that people are already making the Iona cross - thanks, Sandy for your pictures.  

Just had a thought as I was putting together an Etsy order.  I'm going to put the shop on vacation in a few week's time so if anybody has got their eye on anything then please take the plunge before I do!!!  I hope to be in the right 'frame of mind' when I get back to start making some more roly poly bags - but who knows!!!!!   I certainly don't!!!

26 May 2011

Second of the crosses!

Now this one is an Iona cross.

To me it looks very similar to the celtic one but with arms which are 'fatter' at the ends!!!  Here is a picture of a 'real' one.

Again this pattern is worked in one 'hit' with instructions for beads and how to make it into a bookmark.  It starts in a different way and I did later wonder if the celtic cross could've been done this way too but I was too lazy to try!!!!!  

Here's the link to the pattern on my page.

25 May 2011

First of the new crosses!

I'm spending time over the next few days making sure these crosses are OK to go on the pattern site here!!!  The main check had to be made on the quantity of thread needed for them!!!  Just hope that they're right!!!

The first one today is the Celtic cross.  Now here in tat land the word 'celtic' has become used for certain types of tatting techniques.  Originally the term was used by Rosemarie Peel back in the 1990's when she devised several patterns which each consisted of three parts.  Two of these were made and then interwoven.  The third element then 'locked' them in place.  This interweaving was why she termed it Celtic tatting.

Later on the term has been used for what I refer to as celtic KNOT tatting where a long chain is made and then this is tied to make a knot.  

My work goes back to the very simple basics of looking at 'celtic crosses' like this one here.  Anyway, in this pattern there are no 'startings and stoppings' and no knots to tie (well, except at the end)!!!  It is worked in one piece too with an unusual 'start'!!!  I've added instructions for beads too and also how to make it into a bookmark.  Here's the link to the pattern on my site.

24 May 2011

Crosses make me CROSS!!!

No, not really - just thought that made a good title and would make you all sit up and take notice - heeee, heeee.

I've seen this pattern over and over again during the years and in fact found a slight variation of it in a 1982 Ring of Tatters newsletter whilst scanning them the other day.  Oh, does anybody want them (the newsletters) or shall I burn them?  No, Trayna, I haven't forgotten you!!!  I think I've seen the pattern in another of my books too.

I made this set of coloured ones in an 80 thread and it would've been when my kids were little as, over several years during that time, I did a lot of talks and demonstrations around the area and these were some of my 'highlights'.  My kids are now into their forties (hope they're not reading this!!) so that's a loooong time ago.  

The white one is from - goodness knows where but certainly isn't my invention.  
Which reminds me - I do have 3 crosses of my own which aren't yet on the web site.  I'll be adding them to my pattern pages over the next few days.  Quick and easy to make and all in one 'hit'!!!!  

23 May 2011

Joining to clasps and 'things'

OK, as promised a week or so ago.  Sorry it took so long but other things in my life suddenly got in the way.

I must first of all issue a disclaimer on this as it's only the way I do it and it's not written in any tatting 'bible' as THE ONLY way!!!  I do it this way for three reasons.  
Firstly it gives a very secure join and the chance of it falling apart is extremely rare.  If a single join is made there is always the risk that the metal on some findings (particularly clasps) will eventually 'eat' and 'gnaw' it's way through the threads.  
The second reason is that it keeps the piece being worked on the same 'plane' as the finding.  The earring or whatever doesn't then swing around at right angles to the finding which is important to me for the final piece to hang as I want.
A third advantage is no sewing (which is again insecure) when the item is finished.
OK, here's the link to the page I've put on my web site and here is the description etc here!!!

When you get to the joining place just do a normal picot join. Pull the thread up through the finding.

Next take the shuttle thread through the loop.
Now make one half double stitch – first half.
Repeat the join as before.

Finally follow that with one half double stitch – second half. This join does not affect the pattern count.

Continue the pattern.

Almost too easy, isn't it?

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Happy Beaks
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