8 March 2014

Life becomes clearer - with consequences!

The 'joys' of old age are sometimes thrust upon me!!! Two weeks ago I had my eyes tested. They'd deteriorated a LOT in the past two years so I was told.  Plus there's a cataract too in one of them (please don't tell BC3).  Not that the new 'resident' is any cause for alarm but yet another small annoyance.

So, on Tuesday I picked up my new specs. 

Wednesday I went back as I was getting motion sickness - due to them needing to be adjusted.

Thursday - fine.

Friday - back to complain. I was forced to make a complaint to the optician about my new specs. Why? Well I can now see DUST and COBWEBS and am forced to address those darn problems.  Sheeeeeeesh, I hate housework!!!

Size 20 thread looks like bailer twine which is great!!!!!  Below are a few more Fandango Coaster squares on my runner.  I've lost track of how many I've shown you now!!!!

7 March 2014

Another go at bobbling!

So you all know me too, too well. I can never leave things alone and I love trying new things out. 

This potential earring (which like the last one didn't pass the OG test!) had to have beads in as I can't live long without beads in my work!!!  I've put beads on the rib threads as Gary and Randy did for the critter's eyes. 

I also used slightly longer rib threads and switched to them to throw off four rings. 

The failure of these rings to stay in the position I wanted them to proves to me that if I want to do them again in the future I'll have to 'anchor' them somehow back into the main body of the bauble. An interesting concept which I will look into sometime.

6 March 2014

Fandango ing again!!!

Well after the Tat It And See the OG (Old Git) is well and truly in the doldrums when it comes to designing. The bauble/bobbles are still proving a great source of distraction during the winter afternoons but the Fandango radiator runner is (as you'll see below) still on a roll in the evenings - particularly now the hanky is finished!!! 

I think BC3 (brain cell 3 - I've only ever had three in all my 70 years) got burned out doing the designs that I've submitted to the Palmetto Tatters in the hope they'll forget my past misdemeanours and choose me (amongst others) to teach in September. IF I get chosen then I promise on my honour never ever to mention ice cream the whole weekend!!!

5 March 2014

Just when you thought!!!!

It was safe to read my blog again after the bobble/bauble 'phase' it returns!!! 

I decided to make myself some earwigs!!! So, here is a simple bobble with a finding on to make into a pair. BUT I'm not happy with it!!!! Yes, it's an 'it' and not a 'them'!!! 

LOVE the thread which is just right but not sure I really like the shape. Still it kept me out of trouble for an hour or two while I made it. 

I'll admit to you - but keep it a secret, please. This form of tatting has become an addiction!!! Hopefully less harmful to my body than my usual addictions (chocolate and gin - but not together). 

I WILL get a pair of earwigs done this way but not sure how or when!!!!

Before I toddle off to do whatever I can to avoid doing anything other than something tatting related, I must tell you that I met up with another tatter yesterday in town. I had a great time with Bev and her DH from Australia. I took them on an 'alternative' tour of town!!!! Alternative? Well it has to be a bit different as I don't know much about the local bard having lived here all my life!!!!

4 March 2014

Hanky final

Yes I know it was going to have block tatting in it but in the end that just didn't happen!!! I got distracted and annoyed and in the end came up with this one!!! Now I'm happy about this edging although others may not be!!!!

I'm happy because it's got 'depth' in one round and it's not too fancy schmancy!!! I like that it's got plenty of joining picots too which makes it become almost a 'part' of the hanky.

This is done in size 80 (my favourite for this sort of project) and it is now residing somewhere in a box of 'stuff' in the mayhem called 'home'!!!!

3 March 2014

Back to the ongoing project

Well I'm still working away slowly on the Fandango coaster project for the radiator shelf. I usually pick it up towards the end of the evening when I've finished playing with the other things I want to do. 

To me it's a relaxing tat - rather like the hanky edgings that I do from time to time. Which reminds me - I finally finished the hanky idea and will show you tomorrow - unless I think of something else, of course!!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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