5 March 2021

Another row started!

Before I start I want to update you on the TIAS progress.  We’ve now got 102 bookmarks finished and on the blog here.

Yes this row is much faster (although it's not 'that' fast) than doing more Fandango squares!!!  
I'm now nearing the end of the second row of the neckline and it's looking good.  I'm pretty sure it'll need a third row and maybe even a fourth but I'll just carry on as I am at the moment.  

Here's row two almost completed.  

4 March 2021

Well, how do you like it?

Wonder if any of you have noticed the new header on my blog? 

I got bored with the old one and decided - out with the old and in with the new!!! 

It's really not that hard to do but just takes time - two hours yesterday morning. With the 'new look' pattern pages and the 'new look' blog' I'm beginning to feel like it must be a new year too. 

Oh, just noticed that it's not - it's March already!!!  Doesn't time fly in lockdown?

3 March 2021

The poncho - again

Quick edit to let you know I'm 100 today!!!  Here's the link.

I have a bit of a problem with the poncho as I found out when I got to this stage and which I showed you last week. 

The problem is that I could've probably done with another row of 28 motifs in the neck to bring it up further onto the shoulders. I honestly felt that I couldn't face another session of probably a week or more on just doing the same old, same old. Also I felt the neckline (and the bottom too) need 'finishing off'.

Obviously (like the whole project) there isn't a pattern for this. Edgings don't come with a built in 'shaping' of a neckline!!! Pity really. So I'm having to 'wing it' as the saying goes. Courage in both hands (and shuttles) and trust in years of experience and a reasonably well behaved BC3!!!!

Here's the first neck row which I did over the weekend. More to come later - I hope!!!

As those beady eyed tatters will see if you look closely - I've taken the photo showing the back of the piece.  The whole thing is tatted front side/back side and this time I messed up with the photo.  Send me to the naughty step!!!

2 March 2021

Frustration then sorted

Yesterday I decided to split up a web page and make it (hopefully) easier for people to find things.  

I had a page which included snowflakes, motifs and doilies but decided to split it into three.  Not too much of a task if an oldie like me decides to do it in the morning while the brain is ‘fresh’!!!  

All went well until I had to sort out the ‘home’ or ‘index’ page.  Then things went sort of ‘pear shaped’.  

Suddenly I’ll lost all the connections to the images and links on that front page.  Panic set in (well, marginally) while I tried to work out how to fix it.  It wasn’t that hard but was a bit time consuming.  

An hour or so later it was all fixed but it wasn’t a task I wish to repeat for a while!!!  

1 March 2021

Moaning Monday

Before I start moaning I must mention that we’ve now got 99 foxes on the TIAS blog.  Wonder if it’ll make 100?

Now this is one Monday moan I'm allowed to do!!! Mainly it's aimed at ME, I think.

It wasn't until I exchanged comments with my lovely friend Diane (who I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago at a tatting convention) that I realised I'd have to do something about my problem!!!

Let me explain - although I think some of you have probably read this before. I run ads on my blog via adsense. I don't really understand it that well but what I do know is that when people click on the ads a wee bit of money goes into my account. This builds up until I get around £60 every 9 months or so. This I use solely towards funding the pattern pages here. That's the only reason I run the ads and although the web providers I use are called 'freeservers' they're certainly not free!!!! The adsense payments go a good way towards keeping the pattern pages 'up there'. 

Anyway, it's annoyed me a LOT that the ads seemed to be occurring more and more in the middle of a post. I spent Friday morning (or it could've been Saturday!) looking into this and hopefully putting it right. Poor Diane hadn't read the whole of one post because the ad had got in the way. So, now you know why I'm moaning - not about the ads but about their positioning. I'd even tried removing them from the blog but that didn't work either. 

While I was playing with that problem I decided to give the blog a slightly different 'look'. One piece of advice if you decide to do that is please download a copy which you can find in 'Theme' on your dashboard. See the little downward arrow next to 'customise'? Drop that down and you'll find out how to download. Well worth doing in case you really mess up and need to restore or even move to another provider. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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