10 January 2009

A day without tatting!

This is what I did yesterday evening. NOTHING!!!!

I fully intended to start on a new idea but I was drop dead tired by the evening. Problem is that I woke up very early in the morning.
Well, I say early but I should say 'early for an old git'!!!! I normally prise the aged eyes open at around eight ish but yesterday it was half past six.

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to 'get up and get on' with the day? Well I did!! But there again I didn't - well, only at a snail's pace!!!
By the time I sat down late in the afternoon I was ready to tat.

But after 3 or 4 phone calls (including one from a friend in the USA) it was time to eat. Then there was a glass of wine (white, this time) to take care of and then - well, tat was tat!!!

9 January 2009

More stuff on Etsy!!!

Yesterday I finally managed to put some more tatting in my Etsy store!!!

The probable escalation in costs of flight tickets later this year has forced my aged brain to get and do something useful and 'sellable' to pay for part of those!!!! We're hoping to do the 'hop across the pond' again!!

I also listed some roly poly bags and pouches last week too. I'm keeping the old fingers crossed!!!

8 January 2009

Last one done!!!

I'm a first class plonker!! Yes, it's true!!!

I posted as usual this morning and then in a fit of enthusiasm and a totally out of character quest to tidy up my blog, I deleted this morning's post!!!

Anyway, here it is again!!! I apologise to the people who commented and hope they won't desert me! I can only state that this is NOT an illness (tidyness) that is infectious.

What I did say was that this is the last of the wheels. I like it in the two colours but I'm totally fed up with it now!!! OK, let's see if I can post this now and NOT delete it again!!

7 January 2009

Another wheel

Here's another wheel. I don't like this one AT ALL!!! It's the colours I don't like but then that's me!!! I did this one for a reason but I'm NOT telling.

OK, I will tell - well, I'll give you a hint!!! I've submitted the pattern to a tatting newsletter. If it's accepted then I'll be well chuffed but if it's not then I'll not be unhappy either!!! I'll just go and work on something else and pop the pattern straight onto the web site!!!!

The poor old brain is still full of ideas and works even better when #3 is around!!!

Ah, another 'thing that happened' yesterday (NO not another man on our roof again!!!) is that Claire from the Secret Corridor caught up with me again . We'd chatted ages ago about her web site for all crafts and then (well, you know me!!) we'd lost touch. IF ONLY I'd ever had a decent memory then I'd have had a much fuller life!!! It's always been poor but I do wonder on looking back whether it's because it's always been mainly living in tat land!!!!

5 January 2009

Was called a windmill motif

I rarely attribute blame to people but in the case of this design I am going to.

I blame Pamela Myers. There - named and shamed!!!! If she hadn't sent me a skein of her HDT I wouldn't have made this des
ign. I'm not a great lover of variagated thread as I feel they 'hide' the beauty of a pattern. So for this very pretty thread I decided the thread should dictate the pattern.

I've used a bastardised version of one of my other celtic patterns for the centre round but then brain cell # 3 came into play. Thanks go to Pamela for getting this idea up and running.

Gina suggested it looked like a ship's wheel when I'd just got the centre motif done!!! I thought that was a wheely good idea!!! Tat's IT!!! It's going to be called a Celtic Wheel Motif. Or, in Jane language - a wheelie celtic motif!!!!

I think this could be called celtic as there are three elements but the second one is 'sort of' attached to the first using a crocodile join whilst the third i
s attached to the second which is also interlinked to the first in one or two places!!!! Sounds complicated but it isn't.

It was way back a million years ago when Rosemarie Peel came up with the celtic idea of two elements intertwined and then 'locked' into place by a third element. I will never achieve her standards and skill with celtic tatting.

4 January 2009

I am NOT a party animal!!!

Nope, I'm not!!! Especially on a very, very cold winter's evening. Getting dressed up? Hmm, that means looking in a mirror TWICE in one day - I have to gear myself up for THAT!!!

I went to my dear friend's 60th birthday yesterday evening. Remember the card I made? The card was for this friend.

I took a taxi to get there as the thought of de-icing the car was enough to make a wee soul like me wilt. When I got there the party was under way (I'm always terrified of being first at an event - love to sneak in quietly!!). I had a really, really good time and am SO happy that I was invited and was able to push myself out of the door.

Perhaps I am a party animal after all. Least once every ten years or so!!! Thank you, dear Ros for inviting me - I SO enjoyed it.

Oh, a PS to this post. Ros isn't a tatter and nobody there was either as far as I know!!! How's that for stepping out of my comfort zone!!!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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