4 January 2009

I am NOT a party animal!!!

Nope, I'm not!!! Especially on a very, very cold winter's evening. Getting dressed up? Hmm, that means looking in a mirror TWICE in one day - I have to gear myself up for THAT!!!

I went to my dear friend's 60th birthday yesterday evening. Remember the card I made? The card was for this friend.

I took a taxi to get there as the thought of de-icing the car was enough to make a wee soul like me wilt. When I got there the party was under way (I'm always terrified of being first at an event - love to sneak in quietly!!). I had a really, really good time and am SO happy that I was invited and was able to push myself out of the door.

Perhaps I am a party animal after all. Least once every ten years or so!!! Thank you, dear Ros for inviting me - I SO enjoyed it.

Oh, a PS to this post. Ros isn't a tatter and nobody there was either as far as I know!!! How's that for stepping out of my comfort zone!!!!!!

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Maureen said...

Quite obviously Jane, you now have to TAT a "party animal" - would love to see one!

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Happy Beaks
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