7 January 2009

Another wheel

Here's another wheel. I don't like this one AT ALL!!! It's the colours I don't like but then that's me!!! I did this one for a reason but I'm NOT telling.

OK, I will tell - well, I'll give you a hint!!! I've submitted the pattern to a tatting newsletter. If it's accepted then I'll be well chuffed but if it's not then I'll not be unhappy either!!! I'll just go and work on something else and pop the pattern straight onto the web site!!!!

The poor old brain is still full of ideas and works even better when #3 is around!!!

Ah, another 'thing that happened' yesterday (NO not another man on our roof again!!!) is that Claire from the Secret Corridor caught up with me again . We'd chatted ages ago about her web site for all crafts and then (well, you know me!!) we'd lost touch. IF ONLY I'd ever had a decent memory then I'd have had a much fuller life!!! It's always been poor but I do wonder on looking back whether it's because it's always been mainly living in tat land!!!!


Lil said...

Hi Jane :o)

It is lovely to be back in touch with you again, and such a thrill to see you have a blog and you are still tatting...even more amazing creations that before!

I shall look forward to popping back to see what you're up to :o)

Unknown said...

This is lovely, Jane! Why would it NOT be accepted! Well, I'm hoping we'll all get to hear all about it in the future...like, WHICH tatting newsletter and such. :)

Hillside Threads said...

Another winning design in my book. I hope you get your pattern submitted to the newsletter. I also hope the newsletter is one I subscribe too (cheeky grin)

Tattycat said...

Great job. I like it! Good luck with the newsletter!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love this design! The colors would look perfect in my daughter's house... I tend to go for blues. ; )

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