18 December 2020

Progress on the oven gloves

Having done the 'hand pockets' I tested them out and realised that just the one thickness of double crocheted fabric wouldn't be enough to stop my poor old aged hands getting burnt.  So, next plan was another layer.  
I realised that another layer of crochet would make whole hand pockets far too stiff so resorted to knitting a layer to put inside the palm part of the pink/green pockets.  

Good idea and it worked.  (Tested it out on Sunday when I was cooking a chicken).  

16 December 2020

Odds and ends

I've always liked making 'something for nothing' which I think is inbred in all of us crafty people!!  
Going through my yarn stash a week or two back I found the odds and ends of cotton yarn (roughly double knitting size) and wondered if I could use any of it to make some oven gloves.  We have several oven gloves but both of us always go to the one set which are heat proof and ''bendy' too.  

I decided to crochet the two pockets for the hands first.  I knew I'd got plenty of this green/pink yarn.

14 December 2020

I’ve caught Covid-19

Well thankfully I’m teasing although I hope I’m not tempting fate!!!  I've not seen anybody or heard of anybody in Tat Land catching the Covid virus, thankfully. I've lost two friends and had one other catch it and survive (late 80's).  

That and the snowman from the other day made BC3 think.  
As  you know here in the  UK the first vaccine is being rolled out.  I won't get it yet as I'm a mere Spring chicken in my late 70's but hoping it won't be too long.  Nick will get it soon, I hope.  

Anyway, I thought I would award myself a badge/button to show I've had the vaccine.  We won't be given 'I've had the vaccine' stickers or any other type of acknowledgment that we've had a needle stuck in our arms so I'm going to give myself THIS!!!!

There are two versions - one suitable for an earring and the other to wear as a brooch - it’s tatted onto a button.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.