14 April 2012

Last session at the Buzz

This was my final session of demonstrating at the Buzz until I'm contacted next.  Again it was quiet but Julia came back again to tat with me.  What a fast learner she is.  We WILL meet up again as I feel we'll have a few other points to continue with and the Buzz is a wonderful meeting place.  Comfortable sofas, lovely atmosphere and a GREAT cup of tea!!!

Here are two pictures of her hands again.  First we are choosing a pattern from her only tatting booklet - (so far!!!) and secondly learning the 'slip and slide' method of manipulating the shuttle.  I did a page on this a while ago which can be found  here if  you want to take a look.

There were two other ladies there (one an old friend from many years ago) who were doing weaving (tapestry), rag rugs, felting and most fascinating of all - braiding of all types.  Sally (the lady I didn't know until yesterday) demonstrates these types of crafts at Mary Arden's Farm here.  So, an interesting day for me too!!!

I'm very interested in the braiding idea - such pretty, pretty braids made in Tudor times.

13 April 2012

Old necklace starts new 'thinking'!

Well while Ros and I were doing our weekly tour of the charity shops I found this necklace.  

Two things attracted me - the beads themselves (that's the flat ones, not the smallish black ones) and the price!!! 

Look how many are on the necklace!!!!  I got them home and a day or two later they went 'under the scissors'.  I'll show you what happened to them in due course.  I need to finish it off first and as usual I've got several things 'on the go' at the same time!!!!

12 April 2012

Gossip and the HWT

This first part isn't about tatting but I thought you'd like to hear about this small adventure.

On a Monday my friend comes round to my place and we go down the town and round the shops - mainly the charity shops!!!!  I do a 'bead hunt' of the jewellery in the charity shops - more about that in another post.

Well the Monday before last I asked her if she'd seen inside the newly re-vamped theatre and she hadn't.  I just LOVE our new/old theatre so suggested we go there for our usual 'cuppa' after the shopping.

After the cuppa I took Ros around the inside and I found an 'open door' which took us into the auditorium.  Nobody was around so we snook in!!  We were up in the circle area and it was DARK as there was a rehearsal going on.    We watched the rehearsal for ages - keeping very quiet!!  Now I'm talking REAL famous actors and actresses in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  Are you impressed?  I love that new old theatre.

Well, here's number 5 of the wee motifs and things are going really well.  Will I finish it?  I think so now I've got this far!!!

11 April 2012

Here's the bling!!

Before I have a complete meltdown can I ask for some help, please?  A week of two or more ago somebody posted on their blog a slightly different way to start tatting and at the same time hiding the end.  It's similar to the way I do it and I tried it but went back to my old habitual way!!!  I would like to look at it again as I am currently discussing this with somebody else.  BUT - do you think I can find it?  No, way!!!  So if the person who blogged this or anybody else who knows where it is could send me the link I'd be very grateful.

Well, as promised here's the bling to go with this tshirt!!!

I WAS going to make a pendant to go with the 'ensemble' but I found the flowery pendant in a charity shop.  It was such a good match I treated myself to a bought bit of 'bling'.  

I've put it below the earrings I made.  That small 'mark' on the top right isn't actually damage - it appears to be part of   it.  I love this pretty shell type thingy.

Also I was surprised to find out yesterday that a lot of people didn't know what a Tombola was!!!  Well it's a sort of traditional way us English hold raffles of a different type.  The things to be won are displayed on a table with a raffle ticket attached.  The other half of the raffle ticket is put in a big round bin thing which is then twirled round.  You buy tickets and pick them out of the bin and if they match an item on the table you win it.  Of course, to make more money a lot of the tickets don't have matching numbers.  Usually the tickets have to end with a 0 or a 5 to win!!!  Great fun and a great way to raise money.

10 April 2012

Yesterday's visit to the Buzz

It was a wet, cold and miserable day here in my neck of the woods.  I trotted down to the Buzz cafe again and met up with Julia to take her forwards on her second adventure in tat land.

She's doing SO WELL.  It's wonderful to find I can still teach new tatters and that they'll even come back for more.  Yesterday we did chains, picots and joining picots.  We'll meet again on Friday (my last official visit to the Buzz for now) and hopefully 'tidy her up'.  After that I've suggested we meet when she needs me - still at the Buzz.  I didn't take any photos at this session but I will show you 'wabbit'.  

When I was leaving last Tuesday I noticed they'd got a tombola near the door so I bought a few tickets - I can never resist a tombola!!!  This is what I won and took home in the pouring rain.  The second and third pictures were taken over the next day or so when Nick had 'been playing' with wabbit!!!

Then wabbit met bear and I'm NOT going to say what happened next!!!!!

9 April 2012

Easter eggs

Now sometimes having a little sister can be a pain in the - well, you know what!!!  Now, what's she done wrong, you may well ask?  My reply would be asking me to check her egg pattern out.
I never mind checking out stuff so I did this for her happily but the problem and the reason for me silently cussing her is that I then got flipping addicted to making them!!!

Aren't they lovely?  Here's the pattern in case you missed it.  I gave most of these away yesterday but kept two back to give away today.  I suppose that if I was a mathematician I would be able to work out that that will leave none left for ME.  So, back to the button tin and the HDT and HWT!!!!

Thank you, Sally, for a smashing pattern - you're a clever little sister.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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