11 April 2012

Here's the bling!!

Before I have a complete meltdown can I ask for some help, please?  A week of two or more ago somebody posted on their blog a slightly different way to start tatting and at the same time hiding the end.  It's similar to the way I do it and I tried it but went back to my old habitual way!!!  I would like to look at it again as I am currently discussing this with somebody else.  BUT - do you think I can find it?  No, way!!!  So if the person who blogged this or anybody else who knows where it is could send me the link I'd be very grateful.

Well, as promised here's the bling to go with this tshirt!!!

I WAS going to make a pendant to go with the 'ensemble' but I found the flowery pendant in a charity shop.  It was such a good match I treated myself to a bought bit of 'bling'.  

I've put it below the earrings I made.  That small 'mark' on the top right isn't actually damage - it appears to be part of   it.  I love this pretty shell type thingy.

Also I was surprised to find out yesterday that a lot of people didn't know what a Tombola was!!!  Well it's a sort of traditional way us English hold raffles of a different type.  The things to be won are displayed on a table with a raffle ticket attached.  The other half of the raffle ticket is put in a big round bin thing which is then twirled round.  You buy tickets and pick them out of the bin and if they match an item on the table you win it.  Of course, to make more money a lot of the tickets don't have matching numbers.  Usually the tickets have to end with a 0 or a 5 to win!!!  Great fun and a great way to raise money.


  1. I knew what a Tombola was! I'm not sure how I knew. Maybe I read it somewhere. I just hadn't heard the term in a long time.

    What a lovely bit of bling! I think your earrings look beautiful with it!

  2. I must admit to thinking that a Tombala was a lavish Vampire celebration.
    Fox : ))

  3. I know what you are asking about!!!! Will I get to pick a number in a Tombola for answering????

    Check here: http://www.intatters.com/showthread.php?8047-Looking-for-a-small-doily-pattern&p=76247&viewfull=1#post76247

    (yep... Jane... I am directing you to intatters again! ;) )

    And let me know if this was what you were looking for...

  4. Great earrings!!! :)

  5. Thanks, for the nudge to intatters, criativasuculencia - this is what I was looking for so the mystery is solved. http://sharonstattedlace.blogspot.co.uk/2008/11/adding-in-new-thread.html
    I hate it when brain cell 3 goes on strike!!!! You and Jane Mc win ALL the prizes!!!!!!

  6. Well, that wasn't a *recent* post, lol!

    Thanks so, so much for "reviving" it, though. I had never seen it, and it looks much safer than what I usually do.......

  7. your earrings are very nice ...
    I like the pendant too !

  8. Love the colors. So pretty.

  9. Love your colorful earing , Jane!


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