13 April 2012

Old necklace starts new 'thinking'!

Well while Ros and I were doing our weekly tour of the charity shops I found this necklace.  

Two things attracted me - the beads themselves (that's the flat ones, not the smallish black ones) and the price!!! 

Look how many are on the necklace!!!!  I got them home and a day or two later they went 'under the scissors'.  I'll show you what happened to them in due course.  I need to finish it off first and as usual I've got several things 'on the go' at the same time!!!!


  1. Oh yes the price is very interesting
    But the flat beads are more interesting,with a pearly reflection!
    And i'm sure that your thinking will be yet more piquant!

  2. Gorgeous beads! Some kind of shell perhaps? I can see lots of fun in store.

  3. It's amazing what you can find in a charity shop, great beads looking forward to seeing what you have done with them.

  4. Love going to charity shops looking for beads, if I had been with you there would have been a fight for them!!!


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Happy Beaks
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