27 June 2015

The right side!

Here are the right sides of the projects I showed you yesterday!!! 

For those who know me (and some of you guessed yesterday) you'll probably have realised by now that these are going to be 'scrap bags'. All the leftovers from the squared away bags didn't get thrown away - they're currently being re-cycled into this project.

I've just looked it up and it's three years since I last made similar bags - they're shopping or tote bag sized.  In fact you can see the series that I made here.

Now, one of those bags I kept for myself and that one has been used almost everyday of it's life. It's my 'take into town' bag - and I go there most days. It's still looking really good and doesn't need replacing (it's just had another 'bath' courtesy of the washing machine) but I MAY well keep one of these two new ones as Etsy isn't doing very well with the square bags. Perhaps it's time to retire from being a 'bag lady'. 

Now, who said I'm no lady, I heard you. Bet it was Pigmini!!!.  Most folk who know me will tell you that I'm no lady - I'm an old git and proud of it!!!

26 June 2015

Heee, heeee, heee!!!

I'm SUCH a tease!!! This is what I was doing the other day!!! Just the reverse side so I'm going to let you see just that!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you the 'other side' which may not be much better!!

Any further guesses? 

25 June 2015

Nearly there

Just a few more motifs on the Jan doily. 

I'm also working on a new design but have currently gone 'off the boil' on that so have diverted back to this project!!! I'm like a butterfly - I flit from one thing to another at the moment. 

The sun was out yesterday so, after taking a neighbour somewhere I decided to pull out the doily and sit in the garden. Hmmmm, not ten minutes later the sun disappeared!!!!

24 June 2015

A new member to the exclusive club

Welcome to Pearl. That's the name of the mouse - not the tatter who's name is Michelle.

Pearl arrived yesterday morning - all on her own after a flight across the pond from Canada!!! Pearl is now in the Exclusive Tatting Club (see the pages tab at the top of this page). Here is what Michelle has to say - well, not all of her comments as you'll have to read those in the club news!!!!

'I would like to introduce Pearl, who as her name implies has a row of "pearl" beads tatted into her neck row. She seems to be asking " Did someone leave this cheese for me?"'

23 June 2015

Another project started!

Lots of fabric, a small table top ironing board, an iron and a load of patience and fun!!!! 

Off to a good start!!!

Now, what do you think I'm doing?

22 June 2015

More of round 5

I'm enjoying this round 5 of Jan's doily and find odd moments to work on it. I did some at Crafternoon on Friday too. 

Meantime in the other 'odd moments' I'm up and running on another new project. More about that tomorrow - if I remember!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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