22 June 2015

More of round 5

I'm enjoying this round 5 of Jan's doily and find odd moments to work on it. I did some at Crafternoon on Friday too. 

Meantime in the other 'odd moments' I'm up and running on another new project. More about that tomorrow - if I remember!!


Pigmini said...

You got more motifs there than I have Miss!!! Slow Down please and let me catch up!!! VBG

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Inspired by you, I picked up my Jan Stawasz doily this weekend. It's been resting too long. It took me three tries to remember how to approach round 10, but now I'm ready to continue!

God's Kid said...

Your doily is looking wonderful!! :)

Fox said...

So lovely and sooo not-Jane-like! I still can't believe you are tatting a doily, but such a pretty thing it is. Looking very tasty.
: ))

Lata Bhatia said...

Very pretty.

Lata Bhatia said...

Very pretty.

Madtatter80 said...

I agree with Fox, somebody pinch me!
I love the colors you picked nice work of course :)

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