25 June 2015

Nearly there

Just a few more motifs on the Jan doily. 

I'm also working on a new design but have currently gone 'off the boil' on that so have diverted back to this project!!! I'm like a butterfly - I flit from one thing to another at the moment. 

The sun was out yesterday so, after taking a neighbour somewhere I decided to pull out the doily and sit in the garden. Hmmmm, not ten minutes later the sun disappeared!!!!


muskaan said...

The sun may have hidden, but you can't hide the brilliance of your work :-)

Pigmini said...

Oho... so it was your fault the sun disappeared behind that big black cloud... and there was me blaming Sir!! VBG

Told you you're further on than I am!! I've got less motifs on that round!!! Looking good though

Maureen said...

You'll be catching up with Ginny soon, she's tatting this as well! - I love seeing the different colour schemes.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your doily is looking terrific! I picked up my doily last night... didn't get very far, but that happens with grandkids around!

God's Kid said...

Your doily is coming along nicely!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

I know the feeling the more rounds the longer they take and I get sidetracked so easily, you are doing great and the color is wonderful!

zarina said...

I love the colors so far. Great work on it and love the 'runner' that you are making there.

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