15 November 2014

Valencia again

I MAY get the new batch of shuttles up in Etsy later today - if not they should be there tomorrow. Keep your eyes open. Here's the link.

Well here is the next row of the Valencia doily - finished and shown the iron. Not blocked as I rarely, rarely do that and once this is done it won't need it. 

It's an amazing pattern to make as it's interesting and totally not boring. I just WISH I knew or could track down the designer.

It must have been designed around the 1960's, I'd guess. That's some years after my gran and I learned to tat. I would guess it came from an ordinary magazine - not a tatting one as there is an article on the back. If anybody can help find out who designed it I'd try and get permission to write and draw it up.

I'm now on the next two rounds before the outer motifs. I doubt I'll be able to scan it next time so the camera will have to be found and used.

14 November 2014

Shuttles - all sorts!

Flash post today. 

I got news last night that the following shuttles and winders will be arriving Chez Eborall today. It will take me a few days to photograph the new woods and list them but they will be on my Etsy shop sometime next week. 

I want to get them up there as soon as possible so that I can get them mailed out before the Christmas rush starts. I'd hate them to get held up in that!! I'll let you know the day that they're going 'live' as soon as they're up and sorted. I think this time it'll be a case of listing them when I can with no particular time that they'll go 'live'. Just as soon as I've got them ready!!!  Oh, I'll post pictures  of the new woods and the new decorated shuttles and winders too as soon as I've taken them.
OK, here's the list.


1 IROKO £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 

2 ROSEWOOD £17.50 

2 OLIVE £17.50 


2 0AK £17.50 

1 JARRAH £17.50 

2 AFRIMOSA £17.50 

3 SEQUOIA £17.50 

3 EUCALYPTUS £17.50 


1 KINGWOOD £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 


2 APPLE £14.50 

2 PEAR £14.50 

1 PINK IVORY £14.50 

1 ROSEWOOD £14.50 



1 YELLOW HEART £14.50 


3 PURPLEHEART £6.00 plain 

3 BEECH £6.00 plain 

3 ZEBRANO £6.00 plain 

2 ASH (Christmas Trees) £7.00 decorated 

1 ASH (bell) £7.00 decorated 

2 SYCAMORE (bells) £7.00 decorated 

1 SYCAMORE (tree) £7.00 decorated 


3 CHRISTMAS TREES (beech) £5

13 November 2014

Hanky edging

This hanky has been my 'go to' project for months and months. I finally finished it a week ago and now I can share it too!!! 

I like to have something to pick up when my brain stops working on what I'm doing. Usually it's a hanky nowadays. I've no idea why I've chosen those to do as there must be something else less boring to fill that time. I wouldn't sit down and decide just to do a hanky but they're fine for now and then! 

This one is good 'tatting wise' but the quality of the handkerchief isn't that great. Not sure why as I'm sure I've used that make before.  

I always use a size 80 thread for handkerchiefs and the edgings have to be wide enough to be seen and done in one row. I couldn't bear the boredom of going round the same hanky twice.  I always sew the edging onto the fabric - never work directly onto it.  That way I can be sure it'll fit and also if I muck up the linen/cotton then I can cut the edging away and put it on another piece of fabric.  Makes sense to me!!! 

11 November 2014

The story of a lanyard

Now this is something I simply HAVE to show you. I'm afraid I've forgotten who gave me this at Tat Days but it WAS a lanyard for my name tag. 

Tat Days goes so quickly that I didn't have time to change the one I'd got to this one while I was there. BUT since coming home I've worn it loads and loads. No, not because I can't remember my name and need to wear a tag but simply as a necklace. I took the latch keys off and joined the two metal split rings together - least I think that's what I did. I'll check when I go back upstairs!!!!

I've worn it and worn it and no end of people have commented on it too. So, would whoever made it and gave it to me please stand up and wave so I can say my thanks to you personally.  Now, do I have enough money to fly over the pond to do that?  Hmmmmmm!!!

10 November 2014

Little Bo Peep

Well she lost her sheep but I only lost two!!!!  The difference between the myself and Little Bo Peep is that she knew she'd lost hers but I didn't know I'd lost mine!!!!

The only reason they got found again is because another tatter asked me via Facebook if I'd got a sheep pattern. I then remembered I had.  I realised that I had worked on one ages ago. 

So, off I trundled to look for it on my pattern pages here. Where was it? I couldn't find it. That got me thinking and so I went to 'finder' on my main computer and searched for 'sheep'.   I found it lurking in the design folders - in the 'animal' section.  Least I'm methodical sometimes!  When I took a closer look I realised I'd not quite finished it. It just needed the final links put in.

Before I did that, however, I thought I ought to make two - just to check it was an OK sort of pattern.  So, here are the ewe and her lamb just in time for the Christmas crib which is what the tatter wanted it for.   Oh, the link is here!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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